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1. An idiot, someone who is stupid
2. Someone who dates a lot of people
p1- "Mate ur a scrub"
p2- "No, you are a scrub"
by Hopeful__ July 26, 2017

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A beautiful unique name given to a special person. Hails are usually tall for their age and extremely stunning. They are funny and shy, but if you get to know them they are pretty crazy.
Their dark side is very dark, almost like a hail storm. NEVER argue with a Hail or you will end up with two broken legs.
If you meet a Hail, be friends with them! They have amazing bonds with people and are willing to talk to anyone. You are lucky if you meet a hail.
p1: "I went on a date with Hail yesterday"
p2- "HAIL?? She's beautiful!"
by Hopeful__ July 26, 2017

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