An annoying person who is a jerk and only cares about themselves.
Terry is really being an asswipe today.
by Theworldtoday August 12, 2018
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There is a common misconception that an asswipe can be equated to an asshole. This is quite untrue. An asswipe simply doesn't care. This is usually carried out to such an extreme extent that the apathy brings misfortune to those around the asswipe.

The key distinction is intent. An asshole would stick his leg out to trip you, making you drop what you were carrying and bringing general harm upon you. An asswipe would never dream of tripping you, but if you did trip, he would simply watch as you struggled to collect the scattered papers you had dropped. He doesn't hurt you but would never think of lifting a finger to help. He also may laugh a little at the sight of you falling over.
Victim: "dude, you pushed me into quicksand, you asshole."
Asshole: "haha, I did."

Victim: "dude, I fell into quicksand, help me!"
Asswipe: "eh."
by Timmers1112 January 15, 2010
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A person who is being extremely rude and annoying.
Jake is being suck an asswipe.
by Lilly6 March 22, 2017
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An asswipe is another word for a little bitch. When you don't feel like calling someone a bitch, you call them an asswipe. Asswipe can also be used to call someone a slut, a biotch, an asshole, and many other names.
Bry: God Sophia! Stop being such an asswipe!
Sophia: Sorry Bry, I won't be such an asswipe again.
by sophtoph June 19, 2013
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Generally used as a strong swear, Asswipe basically means that you are a worthless person used to wipe other people's asses. Thus meaning that you are a worthless piece of shit.
*playing Halo*
Guy 1: Ok, go get the Flag.
Guy 2: Fine. *gets on warthog*
*Guy 2 is killed by a Headshot*
Guy 1: My God! You fucking suck you Asswipe!
by CristWiiSquire August 23, 2008
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Pertaining to the word of a piece of toilet paper, this is used executively as an insult constantly in North America. The word uses the defenition of mostly the immatury of others.
"Your a total Asswipe dude"
"Dude, i filled a giant asswipe yesterday!"
by Cody Hesse January 25, 2009
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1)one who wipes ass

2) A nother word for : Douche bag Guido Sibling Teacher Any fan/Memeber of the shit band BrokeNCYDE etc.
Ron: Sally likes to wipe my ass

Eric: Damn i wish a had an asswipe like Sally

Jorma: Look at those asswipe Guido douche bag retards giving each other blowjobs under-neath the hot dog stand

Akiva: Your typical asswipe
by FUCK BROKENCYDE FUCK YOU!!! August 3, 2010
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