What a guy says to a naive or dumb bitch to get in her pants
What a guy says to a naive or dumb bitch to get in her pants

grrl: Do you care about me?
guy: Of course I care about you, now shut up and bend over.(they proceed to fuck)
by dracula June 26, 2004
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A state that doesn't matter at all, like Illinois.
Cody, "Hey man want to go to Illinois?"

Normal Person, "Hell no man, that's a State Nobody Cares About."
by boom roasted, sucka December 24, 2010
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Oh, so you found me....Right..? I mean - you’ve never met me, and neither have you, so... Should we be friends? That’d be a great Idea.....Right...?...Or you and me could..go on a walk and talk to eachother....Anyway, I want you to go look at wholesome memes, and look at this tomorrow to see how great you feel :)
See you!
Hey...You doing alright?
Not really...
What happened?
Nobody cares about me..
by LovingKittenGuy October 8, 2020
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NOCAYB (acronym for "No One Cares About Your Boner") is shorthand reminders of one of the true maxims of a polite interaction online: nobody cares about your boner. Typically deployed in situations where a party has unnecessarily brought up the attractiveness of a celebrity, or sexualized something or someone to an uncomfortable extent, bringing an unfortunate halt to normal, non-perverted conversation.
Dude 1: "Yo, man, that Anne Hathaway is a great actress."

Dude 2: "Yes, she is! She also has really nice feet. I want her to crush my balls like wine grapes."
Dude 1: "...Um, NOCAYB (No One Cares About Your Boner), Dude 2."
by AntiBannerThief June 21, 2018
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A statement normally said by bri'ish sounding james'
"i dont care about money" - james
by thebestdracotic August 3, 2021
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A fancy way of saying "I'm right and you're wrong" popularised by our supreme leader Ben Shapiro
Bel Shantiro- "facts don't care about your feelings"

*reality collapses because it can't handle such an intelligent, heartfelt, irrefutable and well argued point*

Bem Shaliro- "another liberal owned"
by Donna tramp December 19, 2020
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