(see also: Bimal)

1. the consequences of Bimal's actions.

2. Bimal's responsibility for failure or a wrongful act: It is Bimal's fault that we have not finished.

3. an error or mistake caused by Bimal: a fault in addition.

4. to commit a "Bimal"; blunder; err.
Bimal introduced John to Yoko. Clearly the break up of the Beatles is Bimal's fault.

Kanye was applauding the awarding of Miss Swift until Bimal said, "dude, are you gonna take that?! What about Beyonce?! Go up there and make an impromptu speech on live TV - just like I told you to do last time." Mr West's simple mind can't be to blame for what he says. It's Bimal's fault.

I will tell you what caused the Hindenburg disaster. Two words: Bimal's fault.

"Hey, isn't that Bimal?" "Yes." "Oooh... so then it must have been..." "His fault?" "Yeah. How did you know I was going to say that?" "Dude. Seriously. I mean, it's Bimal." "Yeah, you're right, I'm such a douche!" "Totally a douche. But forget that let's go be awesome. " (followed by high fiveing)
by yorMama March 12, 2010
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An exclamation of a general failure to achieve something. Should be shouted directly into the face of the failure to irritate to full effect.
''Shit I left my wallet on the fuckin train again"

by babadobey January 6, 2010
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I line used in psychology to make someone break down and open up emotionally if repeated over and over again.
Person 1: Hey look, it's not your fault
Person 2: I know
Person 1: It's not your fault
Person 2: Yeah, I know.
Person 1: No, you don't, it's not your fault
Person 2: I KNOW!
Person 1: It's not your fault
Person 2: Don't fuck with me man, not you man.
Person 1: It's not your fault
Person 2: *breaks down into tears* crying, It's just so hard
Person 1: It's ok
by thehellboya May 20, 2012
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A fart that is not purposely spewed into the air, such as when someone is laughing uncontrollably, working out to the max, etc. A no-fault fart does not need to be apologized for, and no one shall take offense to its occurrence.
dude 1:"Man, that joke was so funny, and i was laughing so hard that it just happened, im sorry"

dude 2: "No need to apologize, it was a no-fault fart, i could have happened to anyone in your situation"
by BigShooter April 1, 2009
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when you accidentally do something wrong and then apologize for your mistake
Marius:Nigga you ate all my food

Fat Man: My fault(continues eating)

Marius:Nigga please
by Roughdogs233 July 22, 2008
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Noun: A rationale that can be used for any random situation that has gone wrong or irritated a person or group.
Friend #1: "I hate it when there are 10 commercials between every segment of an episode of "Scandal" when I watch it online!" Friend #2: "Obama's Fault."
by WordMaester January 22, 2015
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