Ruder term for 'muck about', play the fool or waste time. English, probably mostly London, pronounced Fuck Abaht.
Don't fuck about, we've gotta get this done before five.
by Donald Taylor November 20, 2005
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An alternate word for: dilly-dally, mess around, procrastinate, slack off. Used when things need to be done.
Hey man, don't fuck about. We gotta go!
by M McMahon March 18, 2008
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1. An exclamation, usually uttered in a cockney accent by a man.

2. A derogotary term for a woman who gets around.
1. Maxwell: Fuck about! I've stumbled upon an orgy!

2. That girl's such a fuckabout.
by Saint~ July 5, 2005
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A reaction to something you find surprising.
Man 1: "I just killed a fox with my teeth"
Man 2: "Fuck about!"
by Alex Mcleod July 12, 2006
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To mess, kid,or play around.
Don't fuck about, this is not a game.
Mikey is always fucking about, he needs to get focused.
by Dazzling Dave September 29, 2013
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When instead of talking, u decide to fuck about the issue ur having with the other(s) person(people)
"I don't understand your point of view, so maybe let's fuck about it instead"
by cAPTAINkEYBOARD May 24, 2019
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When a person doesn't mess around and know's exactly what's up.
"What's your goal in life?"
"Global domination."
"Damn, son, you don't fuck about."
by satanlikescuddles January 21, 2017
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