Someone who always wins due to the combination of luck, swagger, higher education, better job, hotter boyfriend/girlfriend etc. People are insanely jealous of them in general.
I always comes out on top, no matter what. Never Lose.
by Keef_the_Dutchman October 21, 2010
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An anti-woke right movement tied to ideals of Nazi Fascism that promotes the idea that being white and straight isn't a bad thing.
"I'm tired of being ridiculed for being white and straight, what can I do to make myself feel better?" "Perfect your body, expand your mind, and most of all, never lose your smile."
by We Wuz Kangz 1488 May 20, 2023
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A dog whistle for far rights and neo nazis. It references the smiling SS Totenkopf Symbol in Nazi Germany. People on TikTok use that phrase to support Nazi propaganda
Mike: This world is so fucked… I’m so angry I hate those dirty Immigrants flooding Europe and ruining everything.

Paul: Never lose your smile!
by Amba_Singh April 13, 2023
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