Unwillingness to do something that is asked or required of you.
Go mow that grass. "I can't lose G"
by pleth June 8, 2003
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A FANTASTIC show on Fox in the early '90's. Basically an anti-90210. Came on right after the Simpsons so most cable broadcasters did not have Fox yet. It will never be on DVD due to all the music rights from different companies. Sad. If you like the cut scenes from "Scrubs", You will LOVE this show.
"Dude, did you see "Parker Lewis Can't Lose!" last night?"
"No, I don't have Fox yet. I watched 'Eerie, Indiana'."
by Turboplf September 7, 2008
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A phrase meaning that things would be going great for you if they weren't going so badly.
"Well, my girlfriend dumped me, my dog died, I got fired from my job, I went to grab some fast food to make myself feel better and on the drive back I got a flat tire, and when I finally get home I realize they screwed up my order."
"Damn, you can't win for losing."
by Kraas March 5, 2008
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When you win something but , winning means you lose either psychologically emotionally physically financially, anyway that negatively impacts you.
You do the dishes cuz your parents told you to and ,then when you're finished they yell at you for doing it wrong even though they didn't tell you how to do it in the first place ! Man you can't win for losing
by dragonboy8586 October 16, 2019
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