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An assinine attempt to slow traffic in parking lots or on roads. These bumps are put in by assholes in an attempt to reduce speeds on main through roads in some residential areas. Speed bumps often result in cussing by the "victims" who want to exercise their rights to travel on smooth public roads. Often these pissed off people will speed up excessively after passing over a speed bump to spite the assholes responsible!
by Charles_U_Farley September 02, 2009
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1. a hump in the road designed to stop cars from going above 25 in a residential area.

2. anything that prevents one from achieving one's goals
Someone needs to repair the speed bump.
by Light Joker August 17, 2007
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Acne-like sores that can appear on the long-term meth (speed) user's skin. If constantly picked at, they can become scars.
People were avoiding Tom nowadays because his speed bumps made it clear just how much of a druggie he'd become.
by raucous May 07, 2004
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speed bumps: Marbles and/or other objects being place inside the skin of the penis to increase the intensity of female's orgasm.. believed to have come from Fiji..
speed bumps - cut a small opening in your shaft just below you penis head on the bottom of your penis.. insert marbles or other objects inside then sew it shut.
by SlavesOnDope_aka_Joe November 27, 2005
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1. A person who is not recognized by their significant other, a person who is a distraction in a relationship

2. A one nightstand, what you call the person you had a fling with.

3. A fat ass
1. He was a speed bump that I already forgot

2. She meant nothing to me, she was just a speed bump.

3. Bre, did you see the speed bump on dat honey
by Tip-drill February 27, 2008
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Small, underdeveloped breasts. Normally found on skinny girls.
She needs to grow some boobs, all she's go is them little speed bumps.
by Dan May 14, 2004
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