A slang for meth
Person1 (stereotypically British) - Oi bruv, hand that crank over.
Person2 (also stereotypically British) - Yeah sure mate, how much do you need, also ya mum is peng
by vocal percussion June 16, 2020
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Guy 1: Bro you know that girl Sophie?
Guy 2: Yea what about her?
Guy 1: Yea she tried to bite my dick off, what a fucking crank.
by Yurbo December 2, 2021
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Crank (verb): stroke, as with a schlong; spank, such as with a monkey; lube (the chassis); beat (the cobb); wax
(tense) cranked, crankin', has cranked; "crankin' the shaft"
With big tits on my mind, I began crankin' my wang.

Since that honey wouldn't give me no trim, I cranked the shaft when I got home.
by wount November 21, 2019
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A person who is heavily involved/intrest in the fire brigade.
by Crank23 May 21, 2019
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Any song that is so good that you can “crank to it”
John: did you listen to that new kid cudi album?
Alex: Yes bro, that shit was crank
by Logodz February 6, 2021
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Defined as something tight or dope. Also is the music scene in VA instead trap and drill music VA has a music scene called crank.
Aye Jojo that nigga Tee Grizzly new song be crankin.

Person1: ayo u listen to drill music?
Person2: naw Jojo I be listening to Crank music
by Jaden Browner August 4, 2021
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To masturbate simultaneously with the act of weeping.

Cry + Wank = Crank.

In addition it is normal to include ones own tears as lubricant.
Example 1:
‘Toni: Hey Jays been in the bathroom for a while now…’

‘Rob: Yeah he’s probably having a crank over that really hot waitress that was being a bitch to him before.’

‘Toni: Yea, fo’shaw’

Example 2:
‘After Rachel rejected Tom at the funeral on Friday I think he went off for a pot noodle...and a crank back at his sister’s place where he’s staying at the moment’
by S Noir. May 16, 2009
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