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Aluminum galinstan Al/GaInSn is an amalgam of aluminum and galinstan used for reductive amination. It's a useful and non-toxic alternative to aluminum mercury Al/Hg.
I heated galinstan and aluminum and stirred to make aluminum galinstan.

I reduced phenyl-2-butanone (or P-2-Bu), and ammonia in ethanol solution using aluminum galinstan and then filtered to make phenylisobutylamine, and dried it with anhydrous magnesium sulfate. Then reacted the phenylisobutylamine ethanol solution with hydrogen chloride gas to make phenylisobutylamine HCl. The liquid galinstan was recoverable and reusable.
by HawaiianPunch1 April 14, 2020
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Aminolone is Methylenedioxycathinone, or MDC. Aminolone is like a milder form of Methylenedioxyamphetamine, or MDA.
Aminolone feels good.
by HawaiianPunch1 December 23, 2020
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Any substance which is a solute that lowers the freezing point of a solvent. Water(Hydrogen oxide) is the usual solvent. The solute is usually sodium chloride, calcium chloride, ethylene glycol(toxic), propylene glycol(non-toxic, safe), 1,2-Butyleneglycol(nontoxic) glycerol(nontoxic), ethanol, and a tick protein called IAFGP. Ticks have a protein called IAFGP that is triggered during winter months, which protects them from the cold. The freezing point of the solution gets lowered. Freezing point depression is a colligative property.
I put propylene glycol antifreeze in my car and it resisted freezing in the winter. The dog accidentally drank some propylene glycol but turned out fine. If it would have been ethylene glycol, the dog would have died.
by HawaiianPunch1 July 11, 2021
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Antifreeze is that greenish yellow liquid your dad puts in the car. It's ethylene glycol. It keeps the car's cooling engine from freezing. It's done in cold places and it's a tradition that goes from generation to generation. Don't drink it though, or you'll die. It's sweet tasting, but deadly toxic if you drink it.
You: Dad? What's that yucky green stuff you're putting in the car?
Dad: That's antifreeze! Someday you'll follow in my footsteps and winter-proof your car engine.
by HawaiianPunch1 December 6, 2013
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A gene that allows ticks to produce an antifreeze protein to resist frostbite and lower the freezing point of blood. The ticks have a protein called IAFGP that is triggered during winter months, which protects them from the cold. Mice that were injected with the protein were able to not get frostbite at subzero temperatures. They then genetically engineered the mice and breed them to have babies with the gene and they produced the antifreeze protein, IAFGP. The mice resists frostbite. One day, some humans could genetically engineer themselves with the antifreeze tick gene. That way, there's no more frostbite at subzero temperatures(below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Celsius) until much lower temperatures(like 5 degrees Fahrenheit, -15 degrees Celsius or something). Eventually, the technology will be affordable to all.
Tyler: I just genetically engineered myself with the antifreeze tick gene. Now I don't have to worry about frostbite.
by HawaiianPunch1 July 11, 2021
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It is the most overused word in the english language. It has two definitions. The first one is that it's a synonym for crap. The second definition is that it means classic "cool" or old fashioned or lord of the rings world of warcraft wizards 101 middle agesy or disneyish(lame) type cool(or in some cases "cool"). Cipe is supposed to be "the new epic" because it's epic spelled backwards. But it's kinda lame. It even sounds lame. "Air" or "scythe" sound way better. Scythe and Air might become the new words to describe something beyond the most awesome awesomeness ever seen!
Situation 1
Dude1: Whoa! that video was so epic!
Dude2: That's what you say about nearly every video you see. *5 hours later.
Dude1: I just took an epic ship. I made an epic! It was so crap!
Situation 2
Guy1: *watches top 10 epic songs*
Guy1: That was so epic!
Guy2: If by epic, you mean lord of the rings middle ages like then sure.

Guy2: GET OUT OF THE WAY, guy 1! I gotta chat with my hot smart(Seriously!) girlfriend on this gaming site and then I gotta look at some videos of this hot fictional videogame/TV character.
by HawaiianPunch1 June 18, 2012
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Anyone who no matter how stylish, nice, and/or smart, is super pathetic on the inside. Someone who's differently akward and weird personality is so pathetic that it outshines the awsomeness and good looks. It only takes one second to know that the person is pathetic. It doesn't help if they're cool about being thmselves because they aren't so cool. They're lame. They can't get a girl/boy-friend no matter how hard they try. People who are extrapatheticore are like the moist tissues of the universe. They make everyone else feel better about themselves. They try to fit in, but they can't. They are not bad boys. They are not fighters. But they might try so badly to fit in that they either fail miserably or become something they're not. If hell didn't exist, they would have killed themselves. All they want is to be accepted. That is all anyone wants. Sadly they get treated worse than crap
I'm the example. I get made fun of and even people who I can't avoid hates me. Almost everyone hates me. I'm an embarrassment to most. I have no life. I'm extrapatheticore. Individuality sucks if no one accepts you for it. At least I'm better than someone and am only the second worst. At least I have some friends.
by HawaiianPunch1 August 10, 2010
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