One who is always slowing down those around him/her because they are slow themselves.
I hate working with Tom. It takes forever to get anything dne because he is such a speed bump
by jimmyeatdorrito December 03, 2007
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When your significant other (typically female) inserts the entirety of her (or his) fist in your booty hole in quick, successive "bumps."

The frustration and anxiety typically associated with traffic speed bumps is included, especially if one has an impending bowel movement.

Santorum optional.
"After that speed bump, my ass really started to hurt."

"That queer really left a reservoir of Santorum in my ass after that speed bump."
by How Strange, Innocence November 06, 2011
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Small, underdeveloped breasts. Normally found on skinny girls.
She needs to grow some boobs, all she's go is them little speed bumps.
by Dan May 14, 2004
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"I was having sex and my mom came in then left quickly"
"OOOO,speed bump"
by Adam Q. September 05, 2005
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What the person in the passenger seat tells you that you just drove over but you both know it’s a body
You: shoot what was that we drove over

Passenger :it’s just a speed bump
You: but theirs no speed bumps on my driveway
Passenger: it’s ..... ok....
by Missmoomoomoo July 07, 2019
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It's used when your into a girl or a boy and you find out she or him has a boyfriend or Girlfriend . it's just a speed bump the boy friend or girl friend between you and that person.
Jon: that girl there is pretty hot.
Shane: Ya man but she has a boyfriend
Jon: No worries man that's just a speed bump.
by Avik86 January 27, 2011
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Acne or facial blemishes due to excessive use of stimulants.
Tim: Man, your face looks rough this week.
Dave: Yeah man, it's all this adderall. I'm getting some major speed bumps.
Tim: word.
by TIM4352625 December 25, 2008
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