Loser,deadbeat,someone who can not take care of his or her self or children
My babies daddy is such a hump , he never takes care of his kids. My ex is a real hump , she buys drugs with the child support money. My kids father lives with his mother and does nothing for his kids , what a hump.
by bigworm23111 December 14, 2013
Being in a bad mood for whatever reason, and projecting the attitude on all others around you. The Hump generally is associated with a Camel and for people possessing and projecting the attitudes of the Camel.
Peter has just been snapping at everyone this morning. It's not like him. What's he got the hump about?
by zaviae April 13, 2012
Rubbing your crotch against something for stimulated arousal and oral pleasure. Examples include humping your bed, the couch, the floor, pillow humping, and especially humping the body of another person.
He started humping her to prepare his libido for their big intimate session together!
by playitcool_dave November 14, 2020
She was humped like a demented ferret!
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
To grind one's genitalia in a press-and-release pattern against a particular object or surface; usually associated with an inanimate object.
by Matthew Darke February 19, 2003
1) the act of rubbing on or against another person's body.
1) The boy jump on his mate and humped him crazy.
2) The girl bent down on all fours and allowed the boy to hump her crazy.
by Anonymous June 9, 2003
an another expression of twerking. Mostly used on dogs as dogs can tend to hump quite a few household items. Most dogs find it amusing but some just cannot be bothered with life
that dog is humping your belongings
by Doggert123 March 26, 2020