the act of taking somone up the bum.
the act of getting taken up the bum.
bornbad loves her bum sex!
by n00b March 31, 2003
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putting someones willy up another ones bum hole. thus bum sex. (anal penetration). WARNING! EXTREME PAIN!
Anna strapped on a dildo and gave Cassie bum sex.
by BumSexy April 7, 2005
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to thrust ones genitles back and forth up a womens anus, giving an orgasom. Very pleasurable for men, but not women, can be akward if not well lubricated
by mike kapalski August 5, 2005
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Bum sex is common a common slang for "anal sex, up the ass, and just raunchy". Alot of snowboarders like bum sex(girls) as you will see a many with stickers. Gay people like Bum sex :. they are gay..and like bum sex.

Bum sex is a great way to pass the time as its much more pleasursome for guys than it is for girls. Bum sex is a common pastime in American houses these days..heck, all houses..
Tanner likes bum sex from Liam, but David likes bum sex from Billy more
by Liam is my name January 6, 2006
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when one sticks ones member up another members bum hole..... can also be used with a female contraption of a strap on!!
should be done with caution: side effects include shitting out blood for a few days after.... lubrication neccessary!!
by Captain Pugwash March 22, 2004
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After not showering for 4-5 days and having sex
"We have been camping for 5 days I am not giving you any", "c'mon baby lets go have bum sex in the tent
by LunchB0x6669 September 10, 2009
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What Phan like to do in their spare time. In which the feminine partner bends over, and masculine partner swiftly thrusting into them.
AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire started rubbing up against eachother preparing for their cheeky bum sex
by The_Dark_Lord_cthulhu February 1, 2015
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