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A non-profit, member owned financial institution. Unlike banks, Credit Unions are not out to rip off their customers with a fee for every little thing they do.

Credit Unions usually have better rates on loans, savings accounts and CDs.

Greedy banks are out to squeeze every dime out they can from their customers and make obscene profits. They think Credit Unions have an unfair advantage because of their non-profit tax-exempt status. If banks were not so greedy and corrupt and treated their cutomers right, they would not need to fear competition!
After putting up with years of abuse from my bank, I switched to the local Community Credit Union. Now I have free checking, free atm card and a lot less hassle!
by Charles_U_Farley September 11, 2010
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Rep. Joe Barton (R) Texas

Joe Barton is the fuckwit who, during his opening remarks at congressional hearings on the BP Oil spill actually apologized to Tony Hayward!! Barton thought the Obama Administration treated the BP C.E.O. unfairly after his company caused the worst environmental disaster in American history! Most people were annoyed because Obama didn't deal more harshly with Hayward and BP, but not this Big Oil Texan.
Joe Barton, the infamous bp sympathizer should be an embarassment to the G.O.P. and all of America!
by Charles_U_Farley August 11, 2010
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Greedy banks often charge their customers a fee for anything and everything, however the ATM fee takes it one step further. With the ATM fee, banks can even rob, I mean charge fees, to people who don't even have accounts with them.

It is really fucked up that a bank can charge someone $2 to get access to their own money!
I refuse to pay an ATM fee to get my own money! If an ATM asks me if it's okay to charge me $2 to get my money, I say FUCK NO! and go to a free ATM.
by Charles_U_Farley September 11, 2010
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People who have supported Barack Obama as a candidate and as President.

1.) Voters in 2008 who were smart enough to realize that after 8 years of destructitive behavior from the Bush Administration, we needed a drastic change to restore America to its former glory. These people also were smart enough to know that if John McCain was elected he would continue to lead us on the same disastrous path as Bush43 . These people voted for Obama.

2.) From the time he took office in January 2009, Obama has been working hard to repair the damage Bush caused to our economy and our standing in the global community.
These things take time and patience. Obama's supporters know this and want to help him continue to work for all of us. In the tough times in 2009-2010, some people are wondering about Obama's plans, and wonder why the Bush Depression is lasting so long. His patient supporters still know they made the right choice in 2008. They know it takes time to fix the historic clusterfuck Bush left behind! l
Obama Supporters and working hard to combat the lies, obstructions, and all the bullshit spewing from bushnesiac Obama haters and Obama blamers. They know, no matter how bad things are in 2010, if Republicans would have won in 2008 we'd all be in much worse shape!
by Charles_U_Farley September 3, 2010
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A redundant defintion occurs when someone submits a word to the Urban Dictionary that has already been published. This can either be caused by failing to look up the word before submitting it or by a dumbass who doesn't care if the word is already in the UD.
This term does not apply to an entirely different meaning or to a rebuttal defintion, but to a definition that is almost or exactly the same as a previous entry.
There really is no legitimate excuse for redundant definitions!
For examples of a redundant definition just look up Obama. There are several Obama definitions that are word-for-word indentical! There is no excuse for THAT kind of bullshit!
by Charles_U_Farley January 3, 2011
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This is a cold weather problem. Everything contracts when it gets cold, including the bladder.

Ever notice that the urge to take a piss dramatically increases when you step out into the cold?
Yeah, I better take a piss before I go leave, it's cold as hell outside, I don't want to have bladder contraction issues.
by Charles_U_Farley February 25, 2011
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M&M Party refers to the Republican Party and the two groups that support it. Millionaires and Morons! The Republicans only care about the richest 10% of the population and act accordingly. If you are not super rich and vote Republican you are in the moron faction of the M & M Party!
The big corporate execs are Millionaires and vote for the M&M party for the tax benefits, while Joe the Plumber represents the moron faction of the M&M party!
by Charles_U_Farley August 4, 2009
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