speed bump
You are hitting on the real knockout of a chick at the Bar and as always there this one person (speed bump) that gets in your way to cockblock.
I probably could have picked up this babe but she was with her girlfriend usually the not too cute chick with her, or overweight friend (can be a boyfriend as well) and each time I put on the gas I had her speed bump in the way.
by Not so Special K November 05, 2006
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An abnormally large line of cocaine.
"Whoooooooo.......that speed bump damn near killed me, dawg!"
by Anonymous July 25, 2004
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sponger or other annoying obstacle inside a surf spot
sometimes you hit em on purpose cause theyr annoying
last wave was sick, but i hit a few speed bumps on the way in
by tj April 20, 2005
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