An agregate mixture of rock and petroleum that is used commonly as a road paving material. Also used in parking lots. Cheaper than concrete.
Jimmy had his guts splattered all over the asphalt after he crashed his motorcycle.
by Mik203 September 17, 2006
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A fault created by ones ass. A slip of the cheeks, a rectal passage malfunction. A shart. When you accidentally crap yourself.
Caution: Too much draft beer and taco's may cause an asphalt.
by Skinny John February 18, 2009
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Guy one: did you see that black guy over there?
Guy two: Yes, I have seen a lot of asphalts today.
by ed fagan January 20, 2008
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pronounced ash folt is reference to a hard rock-like material used for the pavement of roadways or structures designated for vehicles. Should not be associated or confused with asphalt aes folt which directly translates in meaning to "slow" "retarded" or "mentally challenged". Individuals who commonly mistake in saying aes folt instead of ash folt are, through scientific research, proven to be cronic maturbators and/or in most cases unnaturally stupid.
The construction workers replaced the asphalt ash folt on the highway earlier today.

My friend Justin is slightly asphalt aes folt.
by don'tyougomessinwithme February 11, 2011
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1. noun. Butt crack. Of or pertaining to the fault line in the posterior.
2. noun. Blame or responsibility placed upon a donkey or jackass.
by ConfabulatorsAnonymous May 4, 2010
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