Person 1 : is it a football

Person 2 : no, it is a basketball

Person 3 : no, it is a fireball

Person 1 : wait a sec, did you say fireball

Person 1,2,3 : ahhhhhhhhh
by Rara 21 October 14, 2021
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An overly obnoxious and rude christian who forces opinions down one's throat with a toilet plunger.
That girl on Yahoo! Answers is the worst fireball ever!
by Nocem November 17, 2010
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A sensation of a warm merge entering your body, via through the blood stream from a needle injecting a street drug or pharmaceutical drug into the body.
After the girl injected a shot into her vein, she sat back and smiled. Within 3 seconds she looked up and said " FIREBALL " and then proceeded to get up and dance and become alive from the huge warm hug she had felt inside. Alive and free the Fireball had helped her to be.
by Evolutionist_Diva_Star January 12, 2018
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The answer is always fireball shots, regardless of what the question is.
by LiamR February 5, 2015
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1.When a redheaded person charges you at full speed.

2.A hyperactive Ginger.
"It was scary when that ginger kid ran at me, he looked like a fireball!"

"How can he dance like that for so long? That dude's a fireball!
by OVERSOUL June 27, 2011
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To take a hit of marijiuana and then chase it with a swig of hard liquor (specifically Tequila, Burbon, Whiskey or some other such drink). As exemplified by Bill Murray and Chevy Chase in the film Caddyshack.
Chevy: (takes a toke of marijiuana)
Bill: c'mon pal fireball it!
Chevy: (drinks whiskey, coughs uncontrollably)
by Oxford's English Dictionary January 28, 2017
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