He is characterized by one of the most real people you will know. He may hide who he truly is at first, and may pass as an asshole or someone who will pass you over, or one may be scared to talk to him because he is weird, BUT if you take the time to understand, he is one of the sweetest people you know. He is the most caring and loves the people he cares about with all he has. He is understanding and when it comes to effort for someone he loves, he won't put a little effort, but all he has into making you happy. He may think he is a self-centered asshole, but even he doesn't know himself. He doesn't realize he is the best person anyone can be. Your life will immediately be better when he steps in it. He gives the warmest hugs and has the best smile that will warm your heart. He is fun to hang out with and will make you laugh at some dumb stuff he either does/says. He puts aside judgement and has no hatred for anyone unless they have done a great deed of wrong toward him. He is human and may have made some mistakes in the past, but he knows how a human should be treated. He has so much to offer. He is all around one of the best people you will know, and life itself would be dull without him.
Friend: Where's Alec?
Person: I don't know, but I love that dude
by habituallydeadinside January 18, 2018
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Alec is adorable nerd. He always wants to make sure other people are happy. Alec is also very sarcastic and mysterious. Hell open up to you, but only till he realizes you have dark humor like him.
Girl 1: Omg who’s that hottie?
Girl 2: that’s Alec. Really hot, right?
Girl 1: Totally. A mysterious daddy.
by Alexaplaydespasicto July 23, 2018
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An Alec is a person who is kind at heart. He/she has a fantastic leader complex and is hard not to like. This person is not afraid of faults and will take anyone's crap. They tend to be tall and very intelligent. They are always equipped with with a strong vocabulary and stupifying wit. They also tend to be very attractive but don't realize it. They downplay their intelligence and their looks. Over all, an Alec is an amazing person.
"Hey, that kid as attractive and smart! Look at how he(she) takes charge of that group. Must be an Alec.
by epicfailur293 May 20, 2013
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Alec is a very sweet, sarcastic, athletic, cute guy. He makes you laugh every single day. He is friends with lots of other guys. He totally understands you and he seems like he likes you but you don't know because he gives over very mixed signals.
Look at Alec! He's making more people laugh again!
by MadisonShipley November 16, 2012
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Alec is literally the most intelligent, most sexy, and most charming person in the entire known universe. Girls want him, guys want to be him. He is the best and nicest person ever. He’s also super sexy and thicc and is excellent in bed.
Damn that Alec is sexy af I want him he is so hottt oh yes papi
by Dr. Cheese Fries, Ph.D May 13, 2019
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