Only one of the current Free Massively Multiplayer Games. It it probably the most easy to find and start. The most monotonous and oddly additive game I have come across so far.
A "runescape" is what you call any game that is just a knock off of anything else.

You can call anything a "runescape" if it has any of the underlieing problems:
1. over crowding
2. Too many 12 years olds on all the time
3. General lag or bad graphics.
You know, this game might become like runescape too , with all the overcrowding and lag.
by Bettermann February 25, 2005
A large MMORPG game with the qualities of the following.


It's an addictive, pointless game. I used to play it basically 24/7 so take this from someone with experience, DON'T PLAY THIS GAME. Even 'trying it out' can ghave devastating effects, I was just 'trying it out' and it led to about one year of pure Runescape, forgetting this thing called a life.

It's an MMORPG, that takes you and just doesn't let you go... except unlike other MMORPGs, this is in a bad way.
Friend: You coming out to that party tonight?
You (Before Runescape): Yeah, sounds cool.

Friend: You coming out to that party tonight?
You (After Runescape): Nah, I have.... stuff... to do.
by Josherific October 7, 2005
Imagine this:
You do something.
You do it again.
You do it again.
You do it again.
You do it again.
You get the picture. The most repetitive game on the Internet, you just do the same thing again and again and again and...
You start playing it as a normal person, but eventually you have no life and no friends.. well, no friends that you've actually met anyway.
Billy had a life.
Billy discovered Runescape.
Billy's life got pwnt by Runescape.
by Nosely J April 30, 2006
An awesome MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Game) that is very addicting. I'm not going to tell you not to play it, it is very fun. Just remember, it CAN ruin your life. My girlfriend and I almost broke up because of it. I would spend weekends at my friend's house just playing at ALL THE TIME. We would not eat or sleep, just play. The best part about it was the Wilderness, a place where you could pk (player kill) other players. It was really fun, and now they have pk worlds.

It's not hard to quit, it's just hard to realize that you SHOULD quit. After playing for about 4-5 years, I quit for about 2 years. I recently started to play again, and it is still pretty fun. Just learn how to manage your time.
Real Runescape Convo (Not a paid advertisment):

Dylan: Wanna go outside?
Tyler: Are you fucking high?
Dylan: lmao no i was jk'in.
Tyler: rofl...nub


Dylan: Wanna pk?
Tyler: Fuck yeah, tele varrock.
Dylan: Ok my world.
Tyler: Fuck that mine.
Dylan: ...K
by c town down February 9, 2009
A glorified gambling site with goals and XP.
My mom says Im addicted to RuneScape, but she also says Im handsome.
by JohnnyRocko April 30, 2016

A game made by Jagex Ltd. Which is an MMORPG (Massive, Multi, online roll playing game) Basically all you do is earn stats, money, and items. Theres a free and p2p version. The p2p version is over 3x as big, 2x more quest, alot more monsters, and more skills. It is updated usually every Monday.
Runescape, a game by Jagex Ltd.
by Rossroth2 July 6, 2005
Runescape is a game that just sucks up your soul and spits it out as a nerd version of yourself with no life. Too many imature 12 year olds playing, also geeks, people with no lives...and if you click the "down" button, that just proves my point. For all the people that think Runescape is an old laggy java game with too many imature middle schoolers, and click the "up" button, I pronounce you as 1338...
Runescape is:

12 year old = "Hey can I have your armor?"
26 year old (very sad eh? but it happens)= "No! My gold crested.true warrior rune armor is worth way too much!"
12 year old = "Please?"
26 year old = "No."
12 year old = "OMG you stupid f***!!! IM going to reprot you!"
by RS Got Old June 27, 2007