1338 is superior to 1337.
Used as an adjective to describe superb, unreachable, incredible power or skill in any particular sector.
Meant as a superlative to the term 1337.
Often used in gaming-language.

I.e. 1338 > 1337
Player1: OMG who can ever beat that guy at rank 1?
He pwned me so hard I don't wanna play anymore!!!
He is just too 1337!!!

Player2: A friend of mine beat him two times in a row!
I couldn't believe it but he really fuxxt that
1337 guy. HE IS MUCH BETTER HE IS JUST 1338!
by Rammbert October 14, 2005
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If you're Lebanese and you're 1337, than you can qualify to be a leeb (1338).
"Shou kifak ya 1338?"
"yalla bye ya 1338!"
by 1338 June 16, 2007
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1337 + 1
1338 or Leate is superior to leet or 1337
by pipolwes000 February 15, 2009
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A step over 1337, this is often referred to as "über-leet", for obvious reasons.
-"I haxxed that 1337-guy with mah TMP"
-"Dude you're so 1338/über-leet!"
by Franke5 January 11, 2009
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When someone or something is just slightly better.
Since 1337 in leetspeak means 'elite', 1338 is just slightly better.
- OMG, did you see that guy dance? He's awesome!
- Yeah sure, but you haven't seen me dance, I'm 1338.
by 08hannes May 4, 2009
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One who does not have to brag about his leet status. One who is better than those who think they are leet.
Jeffrey just stood back, confident he was 1338, while everyone else argued about being 1337.
by Lawyerbot November 15, 2005
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A word created by people who don't understand what "1337" really means.
<Billeh> I am very 1338
<Joshums> You're a leeb, alright.
by Funzo March 22, 2003
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