A type of atmospheric electronic music that ranges from calm, soothing, dark, or psychadelic.
Moby, Aphex Twin, and Enigma play ambient.
by Bobby De Niro October 12, 2004
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Usually beatless,sometimes relaxed, sometimes eerie electronic music. Term "ambient music" created by legendary musician/producer Brian Eno. Other notable ambient artists/acts include The Orb, Testu Inoue, Peter Namlook, and Zoviet France
Brian Eno's "Ambiet 1:Music for Airports" pretty much defines ambient music
by Dagon January 13, 2005
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Basically any dance music that James Morgan and Josh Mills believe to be fucking clown shoes.

In other words it is all the music that James Wilson likes apart from The Prodigy.
Tiesto can fuck off with his ambient hippy shit.
by morgangills November 15, 2004
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1. Short or long pieces of ambient music that usually make up a longer ambient album.
2. Sounds of an ambient nature or within the definition of ambient music.
He made an album consisting of ambients.
I heard some ambients coming from across the hall.
by larslentz April 16, 2021
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ambient gaslighting - Most people now know gaslighting, put simply, is when someone tries to make someone else question their reality. "Ambient gaslighting" refers to the subtle undercurrents of mistreatment or disrespect that we experience in small doses and may not realize are a form of gaslighting.

Physician psychiatrist Dr. Grant Brenner coin the term.

Are you being gaslit ?
Here are signs you're being gaslit, according to USA TODAY columnist Sara Kuburic:

You are often confused.

You are struggling to trust your memories or feelings.

You find yourself constantly apologizing.

You feel like you can’t do anything right.

You are often nervous, worried or anxious.
You don’t feel confident.
You struggle to trust yourself.
You constantly blame yourself when something goes wrong (even if it’s not your fault).
Ambient Gaslighting In the workplace. Executives may espouse transparency, but employees may experience behavior contrary to to that.

In targeted marketing. "People may be confused as to whether the ad they got is something they really wanted, or whether that desire has been planted in that.

In political news. Polarized politics have led to seemingly alternate realities that have only accelerated during the pandemic. Convincing opinion-like news programs or unverified viral social media posts may make you question your beliefs.
by Blu_leef March 31, 2023
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