One of the easiest skills to achieve to 99 on the MMORPG named RuneScape
Trev: yo sup im at my house dawg, Shawn: wat, Coby: o lol soz just firemaking on runescape but i have 99 Tyler: Nice m8 i have 99 firemaking also o shit mang just burnt my house down lols!
by treyyyz April 12, 2009
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A really cool person on irc, has the nicks: {Firemaker}, Nickname, Username.

Helps with coding and is a bot hoster for Aden. 24/7 online (H)
Hey you know that Firemaker guy?!?! He's well cool!!!oneone
by firemaker May 12, 2008
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A skill cape from Runescape, the online game, it may or may not be a sign of a girl that is a 'bitch' or 'bitchy' in nature, usually signified if the cape is 'untrimmed' or worn at all times for no reason whatsoever. It is just a trend that I've noticed throughout playing the game, that most of the girls that you'd consider 'shallow' have this '99 firemaking cape' since it is most likely the easiest to get and not all that time consuming if done correctly. Although, if the cape is 'trimmed' then if it was the FIRST cape that they got, the same effect should hold true.
person without 99fm - *shows definition to girl with 99 firemaking*
girl with 99 firemaking - EXCUSE ME?! i wear my UNTRIMMED FM CAPE 24/7
so smd
by Da Cheet December 06, 2008
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