A Chinese Internet slang, short for 性癖(pronounced as XìngPǐ) in Chinese. Mean someone's aesthetics or orientation of appearance, character or other thing of one character, especially female nijigen character in anime, cartoon or game. If someone says his or her XP is something, it can simply understood as he or she loves something.

中文网络用语,“性癖”的简称,表示对角色尤其是二次元动漫和游戏女角色的外貌或者性格等的审美或取向 如果有人称他的XP是什么,则可简单理解为他喜欢什么
1.He ranked his favorite characters in this game according to his XP, not the power characters themselves have.

2.My XP is axillary and white hair.
by Daredemodaisuki 114514 October 30, 2021
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An emoticon that is used to portray either laughter or death. For this reason, it is extremely ironic and often creates confusion between texters.
Max: "Carmen just fell off her bike! XP"
Landon: "Oh my gosh! Is she okay?"
Max: "Whoops my bad the XP was a laughing face this time!"
by Maccat9 August 10, 2014
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An emoticon that signifies "laughing really hard while sticking out the tongue."

See also: XD
P1: Crab Cakes.
P2: omgwtflol
P1: XP
by hfs May 17, 2003
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Microsoft windows xp one of the most successful operating systems to date
i want xp on my computer because windows 11 sucks
by vetriton December 22, 2016
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An abbreviation for 'experience' in the context of role playing games, usually given in a point value and used to determine a character's level.
Damn, killing that Farastu Gehreleth last session gave me 6000 XP! That puts me up to level seven.
by Grimrider November 28, 2002
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1) An emoticon, with ones eyes crossed and tongue sticking out. Obviously this means "retarded."
2) The most recent edition of the Windows OS, recognizable by the GUI that looks like it was made by Playskool, and the code that was probably written by same. The OS was named for said emoticon.
3) Short for Experience in many RPGS. Variant of EXP.
"Delete XP and install Slackware, dipshit."
"You need 100 XP for a level."
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
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1:wow she has 784 XP

2:yeah pure respect man
by Ali.xoxo September 18, 2015
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