Slow and takes forever to work.
Just waiting for this website to load, this computer is so laggy.
by mikey64_1507 July 3, 2011
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the condition that some noob crys about because he connected to a server half way around the world
generic noob: omg!! wtf is up with this ghey laggy server!!!!

John Doe: stfu noob and find a server closer to u
by uncle sam August 7, 2003
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Dragging along. That feeling when you are half asleep and barely making it through the day. Unenjoyable. Elongated days. Dreary.
Mondays are so laggy.

In reference to having to return to school/work after a fun, carefree weekend.
by Cacaaa!! February 8, 2009
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Another word used mostly in The East Coast around MA to describe someone who is creepy or stalkerish. Laggy people are those who follow you around and stop when you stop. They will pretend like they are not stalking you when you talk to them and will talk to you as if you are thier friend.
Person 1: Yo dude that guy over there is watching us.
Person 2: that guy is so laggy
Person 1:Ya dude we better get out of here before he starts following us.
by likeiwouldlikeyousemyrealname October 10, 2010
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A word used as an insult to describe someone as being stupid retarded or dumb; slow; often used in place of retard so to be less offensive but equally insulting
“Get your laggy ass in here!”
by Yarby July 24, 2019
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large + saggy (referring to breasts)
She's got a huge rack, but she's laggy.
by dakara930 September 13, 2009
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the complete opposite ov a chavvy/chav.In uthr words a stuck up posh person hu always wares a suit finks der sooooooo m,uch bettr dan every1 else,always calls da fuzz,dnt lyk dun up cars,complian bout everything!
Chav1look at dat suit man
Cahv2aah he is such a lag!
chav1 les get im bois!
by x chavvy luva x October 28, 2004
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