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how do I give an example? am I supposed to put it in a sentence for context? how about:

"I went to the cex show with my girl but I went home alone"
by hood rich January 19, 2005
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an IDM/Glitch producer. One who pushes electronic music to its furthest possibilities.
"You computa kids out there couldn't do what Cex does if he gave you his gear and all the notes. Show respect."
by employee446 June 04, 2003
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Sexual intercourse between two cats or when two cats bang
Tom- Hey Bill! What are those two cats doing!? It looks like that one is climbing onto the other one's back!
Bill- Tom they're having cex! obvi!
by mterpstra3 December 14, 2009
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1) Hitting on, flirting, or generally just messing around with somebody whose taken. Even jokingly.

2) Someone who commits the act of Cex. Someone who acts like a perv when others are making out, hugging, etc.

3) Used like sexy or shmexy, to mean something cool.
"OMG did you just see that? that hot chick was totally just cexing me!"

"dude: Aww man I was just hittin on that hot chick !
guy: Isnt she with her bf?
dude: yah... so?
guy: dude you are such a cex"

"that is so cex"
by zorothepantsifier September 16, 2007
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Computer eXchange are the shops that take your old computer/electronic gear and give you cash or exchange for other items. Good idea but the staff are butt ugly retarded freaks with no brains whatsoever. The customer service is crap and the staff are rude. Only society's outcasts get jobs in this place. They have limited knowledge or brains for that matter. You will never receive an answer to your emails so best to avoid.
Customer: This Wii microphone is pretty cheap but it smells. Why?
ceX retard: Smells? Let me see. <sniff> Ummmm, nice.
Customer: Uh? Let me smell it. <sniff> Wohoooooo! That stinks like errr shit! Fook me ass!!!
ceX retard: Oh, just use the microphone. That's what I did earlier.
Customer: <poof - dust>
ceX retard: Oi! Where did he go???
by Phudu May 25, 2008
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