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To 'pull a Jagex': To screw something up; fix things that aren't broken; dramatically change things for the worse.
Person 1: "Dude, they just changed the whole theme."
Person 2: "God, what Jagex's."

Person 1: "They just changed the entire format for no reason?"
Person 2: "They pulled a real Jagex. Bastards."
by Sypi September 25, 2010
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A Java company which has made games such as Runescape, Gold Miner, and others. Started off with Runescape Classic, went on to Runescape 2; currently known as Runescape. Jagex used to care greatly about the well-being of players, HOWEVER, now they say one thing when announcing updates, and doing the opposite! (See below examples)
Example 1:

Me (reading Behind the Scenes a preview of the month's updates, posted by Jagex.): Hmm, it says there will be a duel arena update tournaments....alright, sounds good!

*A week later at the time of the system update*

Me (reading Behind the Scenes): Hmmm.... duel tournament....better interface system...Large prizes....limitation of staking....WHAT! LIMITATION OF STAKING!? I don't recall reading this....

*Goes to Behind the Scenes posting*

Me: No..I definately did not see this...they lied to me, what Jerks...

Example 2:

Me: (Reading Behind the Scenes, one month later): Hmmm, two new games to the is clan oriented...another is about hunting your target, alright...doesn't sound that bad..

*Two Weeks later...*

Me: *reading Wilderness Update*: Hmmm....let's see...Clan Wars...sounds good....Bounty, it's alright.....No PKing (Player-killing)...WHAT! NO PLAYER KILLING!? DID I READ THIS ONCE!?

*goes to Behind the Scenes post for that month.*

Me: Nope....apparently not, man, these guys are jerks, they could've at least told me!
by reborntheglassbatch January 02, 2008
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A very underrated compary from 1999 to around 2007. Produced a hugely popular game with minimal cost. Unfortunately, they fell to the old addage: "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely."

In the final months of 2007 Jagex went on a power trip. They tried to control prices and got rid of the one truely great aspect of the game, PKing.

They claimed it was to "save the game", but, in the process ruined it for most everyone who played. eg. Ruinedscape
Person 1, June 2004: Yeah, I really liked Runescape, cheap and fun. PKing is great and easy to finace by Merchanting.

Person 1,January 2008: Well, Jagex went on a power trip and ruined their own creation. Killed merchanting as well as PKing. I have stopped playing, like thousands of others, in the wake.
by Epic Xenon March 02, 2008
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Pronounced 'Fag-sex'

A british company that sucks horribly when they destroyed runescape.
OMG you heard about 'Jagex?' They took out the wild. What fags!
by Ixvvxi March 15, 2008
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an elite group of assholes paid to make a mass group of people who pay them to play a game for years only to have the game screwed up and the fun of it ripped out from under them all headed by their faithful ass clown leader andrew gower
jagex sucks ass!!!!!!!!
by lapdances r us December 17, 2007
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Stands for Java Gaming Experts. They're known for creating the game Runescape, an mmorpg. Some despise them, while others love them. Despite their growing number of fans, the only people to spread the word about them are people who have quit the game, giving it a bad reputation. The reason no good things are said about the company is becase everyone who likes them is to addicted to their games.
If Jagex advertised on Cartoon Network, they would control the next generation.
by Slatte October 02, 2006
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JaGeX is a British company, best known for producing the popular MMORPG Runescape. They have also made several other smaller games, that are not as famous. Examples are Vertigo and Gold Mine. They have been put down for having poor customer service. According to Andrew Gower, the name means "Java Game Experts".
"Hello there!" said Andrew Gower, to his friend, Bob.

"Hello, Andrew!" said Bob. "How are you?"

"Oh, I've just been working on making another famous game like Runescape or Vertigo." replied Andrew.

"Oh, I forgot, you work at JaGeX."

by Vintic aka Elliot June 24, 2006
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