An electrifying dance move created by a classy young lady, where your hand moves up and down in a chopping manner while swinging your hips back and forth. A weird face is always a must with this dance move:)
Elaine, can you teach me how to chop? This music is perfect to chop to!
by Elenita Fierce August 10, 2010
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An expression meaning "do it now!" often used as a retort by a supervisor speaking to an underling.
"So, are those reports ready?"
"Sir, I'm planning to start on them."
"Well, get on it, chop chop!"
by A_Wordsmith April 4, 2005
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A demeaning directive given from a master or superior, to a subordinate in order gain their attention and expedite an order or request, typically accentuated with two stacatto cymbal-like claps of hands at or around head level.
by Ricky Casino July 3, 2010
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damn baby, I could really go for some chop chop right about now.
by Jt March 15, 2004
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Hey girls are the boys being annoying let’s go get our chainsaws to operate on them
by Sabi is awesome November 2, 2019
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