If I may interject with some sense...
Yes, I dislike runescape. I'm not thick enough to mindlessly sit slumped on a chair whileing away the hours watching my 'character' endlessly hack at a collection of blocks that is meant to be a tree. However, I do not try to force this view upon everybody. Not everybody who plays runescape is a nerd. Conversely, not all nerds play runescape! I used to play runescape and I met some genuinely friendly people. But I did also meet quite a few d*ckheads.
My view is, weirdly, that you are entitled to your view. However, PLEASE, PLEASE, consider your own wellbeing - runescape consumes your entire life!!
I have met some runescape addicts in the 'real world' (an idea that many of the aforementioned addicts find hard to understand) and I was stunned at their lack of intelligence. One in particular (naming no names) would always come up to me and start talking at me about 'rs' as if I cared. So, not wishing to upset him, I would drop him hints to try and make him SHUT UP (it was really that exasperating). A normal person would most likely have understood, but he just plouhed on, blissfully unaware of the fact that I was within inches of grabbing the nearest metal girder and clobbering his head until he ceased to be. Other nerds I have met seem unable to grasp the concept that I might actually *gulp* HATE their beloved runescape. The example below demonstrates.
In conclusion, Many people who play runescape are friendly, popular people. Unfortunately, the majority are brain-dead, square-eyed, friendless, lifeless, irritating, boring, miserable, freaky and altogether pathetic wimps, nerds and geeks.
Now, about that example...
Me; I've told you many times before, I don't care about what kind of virtual armour you have. I HATE RUNESCAPE!!!
Nerd/Addict; But I've got full rune!!
Me; Do I look like I give a toss?
Nerd/Addict; It's really cool, see, cos I've got like, like, 200k!
Nerd/Addict; But I've got full rune!!
Me; AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!......
by Douglas Henderson April 4, 2007
Addictive game that warns you about playing it to begin with: RUN. ESCAPE.
Runescape is addictive, I should have run and escaped.
by LazyAPES July 11, 2008
A widely known MMORPG created by Andrew Gower and Jagex with over 9 million players worldwide. 800,000 of the players have membership and pay roughly 5 dollars a month to gain access to much more than non-paying players can. You control a character in a medieval realm and try to advance skills (woodcutting, mining, magic, you get the idea.). There are quests to complete as well, ranging in difficulty and stupidity. Unlike other games, you can only play as a human, beginning at level three combat and can eventually become the highest possible, level 126.
The game is contantly frowned upon by many because of its poor graphics, amount of lag, and requiring simply clicking on random objects to achieve goals. It is also described as being HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, and can steal your life away fairly quickly. My advice: Never play if you haven't yet, you are the lucky ones. If you do play, have LIMITS! No more than three hours per day. Even that is too much. Always hang out with friends or go to a party (if given the chance) rather than runescape. Play when there is absolutely nothing to do. I play runescape, I follow my rules, and I like my life. I am an adept hockey player, one of the few who have had a 4.0 for many years in school, a golfer, a guitarist, and party enthusiast (involving crazy sex and jackassness). Overall, Runescape can be a rewarding experience when it is your last resort for something to do.
"Hey dude, let's go to the party at JJ's!"
"Sounds cool. I'm getting off runescape right now."
"Sure, I'll be waiting by the car."
by LoomisSchecter June 2, 2007
Ignoring all the other comments, this is seriously one of the most addicting things (not just games) that I have ever done. I seriously recommend that you never start playing. Recently a kid sued JaGex for $5000 because he didn't go to school or anything, he just played this game. Seriously from someone who is actually addicted to this game and has been for over 2 years: DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!
The most addictive game ever created, its gotta use subliminals
by Elppum June 6, 2005
The reason why I used to have NO friends whatsoever...
Lonely Man 1: "Do you wanna play some Runescape with me?"

Lonely Man 2: "Fuck that! I got better things to do than cut down a damn tree and stab a dragon with a poisonous dagger!"
by iRepMyDougie March 18, 2011
An MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) created by Jagex Ltd, a game developing team who doesn't give a shit about their players, pursues their own greedy wants, and believes their players are all incapable of thinking. This game has become overrun by annoying brats and little kids. There are two versions: P2P (Pay to play) and F2P (Free to play). With P2P you get more of everything. This used to be a great game back before 2007, but since then it has gone downhill due to the ridiculous changes made by Mod MMG, the chief developer. I advise you to not play this game. You may get addicted, and in the end you'll find yourself hating Jagex and/or Runescape and being bored of the game because they changed or completely got rid of something you loved, and you'll have wasted all that time.
Older players:
Player 1: "Dude, Runescape sucks now."
Player 2: "I know, that's why I quit yesterday. I can't believe I wasted all that time on it though."

Younger kids, new players:
Child 1: "Oh coolz this game iz so fun!"
Child 2: "I know, let's ask our mommies to make us members!"
by wannabehacker October 31, 2010
Runescape is a very addicting game. I used to play Neopets which i thik is gay now. But this game brought me away from everything, my friends and family. Now i go upstair and the first thing i do is play runescape. I now give my self more time to spend with my family. This game is addicting and before you play you should no when its time to stop.
Dad:hey lets go play some b-ball
son:No, i am working on runescape maby later.
three days go by
dad:now can we play some b-ball
son:No im still working on runescape
dad: you have been on it for days its time to stop!
dad turns off pc
son:i hate you i will never speak to you again!
by stanchess8 June 6, 2005