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The state of being in an earthy, relaxed, or nestled environment. A place of comfort where everything goes as usual, and mood is chill. Can also be associated with a level of experience or longevity. Sometimes even referred to as a sleepy, relaxed or relavitely calm type of high. Or some plain killer weed (ganja).
I am pretty rooty at this point, I am gonna say 'hello' to my couch, my sweatpants, and my kitchen.
Bob Marley has some rooty dreadlocks.
Check out the rooty house all tucked away back in the woods.
This is indeed some rooty herb, I would be proud to possess that.
by RootyRuss November 27, 2010
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The act of sexual intercourse. It is the plural of the australian colloquial term 'root'.
"He's getting rooties."
"So, you gettin rooties tonight?"
"Man i love rooties!"
by Sir Tatton September 20, 2006
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The most impressive and rare genetic mutation known to man: A redhead with a booty
1 out of every 830,000 people born will be a Rooty, and due to the recessive gene of the ginger, and manufactured foods, the rarity will only increase.

The requirement for a Rooty is

-More than a 36 inch buttocks
-Hair redder than brown.

Should you ever enjoy a Rooty, you will be granted with some mystical benefits.
I wish Caroline Pierce had redhair. What a Rooty she'd be.

She's a ROOTY!
by McSlurp October 17, 2011
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