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A girl's name that when spelled backwards looks/sounds like an over-the-counter pain relief medicine
mike: Poor Linda slipped on her front stairs today and hurt her back
mary: Oh, no, that's awful!
mike: She's in quite a bit of pain right now
mary: What a shame:(
mike: I told her to take two Adnil and call me in the morning...
by AcheNot December 30, 2017
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A beautiful, sweet, sexy girl. Shes more then meets the eye. Shes sweet but tough when she needs to be. The perfect creation of a women. Shes loyal, caring, and funny. She loves to help others, and has the kinda personality that people find so refreshing! Shes like a fresh breath of air. If you find a Linda consider yourself truly blessed, and never let her get away.
That girl Linda is a keeper, a dime piece, a perfect 10!
by Esachica April 30, 2012
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Linda means cute girl in Spanish or Italian.

Most Linda's are quiet. But loud around her friends. She is the best friend you'll ever meet. She's VERY trustworthy and honest. And most of the time gives people a second chance. Linda's Are sometimes really short. ;)

Linda's are very very smart. Linda's can be your BEST FRIEND And someone you can tell anything to. But if you piss her off enough she may be your worst enemy. Linda's usually love dogs, & the colour red. Linda's couldn't care less about shit people say about them and once you meet a Linda you should never let her go. Because sometime in your life. You're really going to need her.
person 1 - Have you met a Linda yet?

person 2 - Yea. And Im never letting her go.
by Hi_I_Love_Tacos_Biotch. November 30, 2011
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Someone really amazing with a beautiful personality.
She'll make you feel alive just by being with her and if you're lucky enough to encounter a Linda, tell her how you feel and don't miss out on the opportunity to be with a Linda! She'll soon be everything you wanted.
Guy 1: "Why didn't I tell Linda how I felt about her back in high school? We could have had the perfect life together. Instead, she's with that other guy now. I totally blew it, didn't I?"
Guy 2: "Yeah... not going to lie to you, buddy, but you should've told Linda how you felt when you had the chance back then."
by hey979 March 17, 2010
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Linda is Spanish for a cute/beautiful girl. She can be a spicy bitch yet be a sugary sweetie as well. When you meet a Linda you should hold on tight because she's all the flavor you will need in your life. She will treat you like a king but then throw salt on the wounds she's inflicted on you if you wrong her. If you're lucky enough to get her love, you should count your blessings.
Damn, she's muy linda.
by ~la leche~ March 04, 2010
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She is the best friend you can get. So stick to her, she is a one of a kind. She is hilarious, will always put a smile on your face, even without doing anything. Linda is very creative and a great singer. She can be a little bit cheeky, but never mean. Linda often denies her talents and her flawlessness.
Friend: Why are you smiling?
Me: It was just a thing Linda said today.
by ProudDirectionerAndFangirl January 21, 2012
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