Australian !!
yep. we were convicts.
yep. we do have cool accents.
yep. yanks do give us the shits.
yep. we are beer guzzling machines.
yep. we say do say mate alot.
yep. we have perfect beaches.
Take the piss out of Australia, we dont care. People arent lining up to get out of our country.

" another VB thanks sheryl "

by johnny_the_boy May 27, 2005
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People who are citizens of Australia, one of the best countrys in the world.

Australians have been stereotyped as a lazy, kangaroo riding, annoying group with crappy accents. NOT TRUE!

But we dont care if people take the piss out of us. People are lining up to come in, that must mean something!
Australians are an awesome bunch. Except for that dude John Howard, we should get rid of him.
by Quokka August 13, 2005
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Any person who lives in Australia, but who is NOT John Howard.

John Howard takes away people's jobs and puts on a tracksuit to watch tv... this THING cannot be human and we should kill it before it spreads
Australian people are the best in the world, it is a fact that Melbourne won the "World's Most Liveable City" award a few years ago. so it has been proven. THAT, my friends, is why there are so many people trying to get into this paradise!
by Stuchers July 2, 2006
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sexual position similar to cowgirl where the person on top has their feet on the ground/bed/etc. and use that as leverage for bouncing up and down like a kangaroo.
i want you to blow me, then ride me australian, then reverse australian, then jerk me off until i cum.
by obennyko May 23, 2005
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the great land down under.... of coarse when you give this saying to some idiot teenage boy somewhere in the northern hemisphere, he imagines all of these new words he can make with it. i.e the australian kiss, australian buttchug, australian deathgrip, australian butt rub, australian dj, australaian hat hair. if you are to look up any of these words at any time on this website, you will find that these all have one thing in common, yeah that's it...down under. ...or in someones nether regions, or pussy or asshole or cock, or cunt or dick or snatch or whatever the hell you call your genetiles. By me, it sounds pathetic and is something that will give me and I'm positive many others, the impression that you are an arrogant little prick that spends his time checking out hoes at house parties every weekend laughing up jokes about hoes, possibly related to hoes and wishes he was a hoe himself.
Better than a French-kiss, and can only be given to women. An Australian-kiss is similar to a French-kiss in that it involves the tongue, but an Australian-kiss is about French-kissing the vagina.

by chuckyboof July 26, 2006
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a sex act where a person is licked from the back of the neck to the tailbone in one long lick.
Guy 1: I heard you making your girlfriend moan loudly last night while i was in the living room, what did you do to her?
guy 2: I gave her an australian as a birthday gift last night
by Ella P. September 1, 2007
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