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Australian !!
yep. we were convicts.
yep. we do have cool accents.
yep. yanks do give us the shits.
yep. we are beer guzzling machines.
yep. we say do say mate alot.
yep. we have perfect beaches.
Take the piss out of Australia, we dont care. People arent lining up to get out of our country.

" another VB thanks sheryl "

by johnny_the_boy May 26, 2005
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You”how IS that person defying gravity?!?”
Me”he is Australian”
The Australian” oi mate, have ya seen ma roo?”
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by codenamedoIphin November 18, 2020
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People who are citizens of Australia, one of the best countrys in the world.

Australians have been stereotyped as a lazy, kangaroo riding, annoying group with crappy accents. NOT TRUE!

But we dont care if people take the piss out of us. People are lining up to come in, that must mean something!
Australians are an awesome bunch. Except for that dude John Howard, we should get rid of him.
by Quokka August 13, 2005
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Australians are people that come from and/or live in Australia. They are amazing people with the best males in the world that all the European females (mostly hot ones) would like to have sexual intercourse with. Not to mention the female Australians, who have the best backsides/breasts/everything in the world.

Australians tend to enjoy having a beer, throwing a party around a barbecue, winning in Cricket and the occasional laugh.

If you meet an Australian, be prepared to be greeted in the nicest possible way and make sure you smile back or they will keep their women to them selves, which really isn't such a bad thing.
#1: Them Australians are good people!

#2: Man I wish my countries women were more like the Australians.

#3: I like my men like Australians.

#4: Want another coldie? (An Australian asking their mate if they would like to have another beer)

#5: G'day Mate. (General greeting)
by Sevzor August 28, 2008
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