an autistic donkey who admits he can't spell, also he claims that he is a gay slut who takes pictures of peoples feet and posts them online
buthole is a monkey
by imposter from amogus May 23, 2021
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A trick word for the slang word that makes people think its butthole but its actually pronounced buthol like menthol!
"Hey dude, pronounce this word."
*texts word buthol*
"Um, butthole?"
"No! What is wrong with you!?"
"What? It says butthole!"
"You know what menthol is right?"
"Man, you're dirty minded."
by slangslang123 January 02, 2016
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Disease contracted only by cats, causing them to have crust grown on thier buthole. It is a very common and good kind of illness, because when the cat uses the litter box, the crust is moved around the buthole as the poop comes out, resulting in the cat kicking his back legs up from the tickle of the moving crust and ensuring the cover up of it's poop.
Phil said "My house doesn't stink as much since my cat contracted crusty buthole".

Rilo replied "Oh yeah, they cover it up every time they use it, my cats the same way".
by Chaddog January 01, 2010
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when a man has a drunken fascination during sex with another buthole in which leads to touching that buthole with his greasy fingers.
buthole toucher
by Krustysensation December 23, 2011
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The name of a band featured on the game Guitar Hero II
dude i just passed the song made by The Buthole Surfers
by BBBalla10 March 03, 2007
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