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A name generally given to extremely lucky males. People graced with this name are very talented and are exceptional in everything they do, and are generally noticed for it. Sports and arts abilities come easily to them due to their extraordinary minds and very capable bodies. People with this name get along with others very well, particularly females; this trait is also attributed to the fact that a Pierce is usually good looking. If a person has this name the chances are that they are an extremely smart individual, and are probably better at everything than you. If you are defeated at a task by a Pierce then don't bother trying again, you will never ever win, ever. Don't be ashamed though, there are those out there who would give there first born son just to know a legendary Pierce.
"Damn, Pierce beat me again today."
"Well, he is a Pierce."

Example 2
"Damn, I saw my girlfriend with Pierce today"
"Dude, it's over between you too now. Don't even try."
by Masterchiefisjealousofme March 07, 2008
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1. (noun) A perfect male who excells at everything; academic, athletic, artistic and sexual endeavors especially. Pierces are very socially graced and intellectually gifted. A Pierce doesn't have to try at anything, it all comes naturally to him. He is very goodlooking. Girls love him, guys wish they could be him.

2. (adjective) A way to describe anyone who, while is unfortunately not lucky enough to have this name, is worthy of the honor. These individuals are extremely rare.

3. (verb) To affect sharply. Can be a result of meeting a Pierce (see definition 1).
1. Shannon: "I think I'm in love with Pierce."
Mary: "Well yeah, everybody is; what's one reason you wouldn't be?"

2. Jack: "Tony was bench pressing so much weight the other day I almost thought he was Pierce."

3. Chelsea: "I met this guy at a party last week, and I can't get him out of my's like he pierced my heart...."
by FuegoItllBurnYou May 31, 2010
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Pierce is a cute guy who can be chill...But if you get him mad you have to run.Pierce is chill and plays football and has a friend that will be there forever..If you get him don't let go.
Me:pierce is girl and is cute
Pierces friend:yeah don't lose him EVER!!
by Dope football March 09, 2017
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An extremely attractive guy who looks somewhat like an international. You well never stand up to his capabilities and good looks and let's not forget his great sex. This man is the luckiest man in the world to be with Erin. His outstanding body creates his skater image. He will soon be a great professional skater.
Friend: "Dude, did you see Pierce with Erin last night?"
Other Friend: "Yeah, they're a pretty cute couple, I heard he tapped that..."
Friend: "Damn, he's lucky."
by erenee. August 29, 2008
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