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The sweetest, most caring girl you will ever meet. If she says she loves you, she means it from the bottom of her heart and will do absolutely do anything for you. She will do whatever to make you happy, even though if it means she's getting hurt in the end. She is the greatest friend you could ever have, she's there when you need her and will never hesitate to go out of her way for you. Her eyes are beyond beautiful, and tell you every emotion that's going through her head. She's fragile though, known to break down easily even though she rarely shows it. She has beauty and brains. Love her and she will love you back. However, if you mess with her in any way, she will make sure you get it back twice as bad. She is rarely ever a bitch unless you give her a good reason to be. If you have one in your life, she is special and unique, don't let her go. She's one to hold onto.
That girl, Caroline? Yeah, she's incredible.
by Pacer4 August 06, 2012
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Caroline is a very sweet, very silly girl. She’s funny, and she never seems to run out of energy. Her every word and action seem to make everyone around her laugh. She has a certain charm about her, and almost everyone she meets loves her company. Her smile can light up a room, and her energetic aditude has a way of brightening the mood. If your having a bad day, hanging out with Caroline will completely change your outlook on life. Her one weakness is her lack of ability to stop being so energetic. Although her company is usually welcomed, sometimes it appears she doesn’t know when to stop. She also has a habit of getting in trouble, as she can be mischievous at times. But no matter how crazy she is, Caroline is a loveable girl.
Caroline is an energetic, fun girl to be around.
by AllNames February 09, 2019
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A girl who is amazing and funny and sweet and beautiful and cute and smart and amazing
by nicholas2739 April 01, 2015
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A beautiful girl with a wonderful heart. She is nice to all, warm and genuine, with a certain radiance that makes all those around her happier than they were before. She's talented and smart, and she's just the kind of girl you would want to be more than just the object of a series of hookups. She can make your whole world stop with just one smile, one word. Even though she's learning to love herself more and more each day, she's still insecure, and it's about goddamn time that someone told her just how beautiful and perfect she is.
"You gonna hook up with that skank, bro?"
"Nah, dude. I'm waiting for a Caroline."
by tbk July 11, 2013
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Caroline is the prettiest girl in the world. She is smart and funny and is usually happy, but she worries sometimes. She is a perfectionist, but that's part of her. She dreams and imagines and loves and is really sweet. She comforts you when you're sad or worried. She'll stand by you, no matter what. She's kind of judgmental, but that's only because she's overly protective. She cares about what she looks like or how she acts in front of certain people, but if you really know her, then she doesn't care if you think she's gay. Caroline is awesome and makes me laugh every single day.
Gotta love my Caroline! Heller!
by bimbo-non March 07, 2012
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Caroline is a girl who allow you to be comfortable around and allow you to be yourself. She will brighten your day by just looking at her directly in her eye. When she smiles your world glows and you feel amazing. When she laughs you feel like you are in world of happiness. Her beauty takes you away and puts you at a loss of words. Caroline has a personality like no other and is completely unselfish. If you are in a predicament, she will do her best to help you. Be thankful for people like her as she is a once in a long time woman. God Bless me as i have been gifted with a woman as great as her. Thank you!
Hey Mr. Iverson and Mr. Brewer, that's one heck of a Caroline we got here!
by A famathist from Amity August 13, 2018
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