An intelligent, beautiful, funny girl. She is a genuine person with the brightest smile you will ever see. But underneath all the skin and smiles shes a human. She is insecure, and messes up, cries, gets angry, and becomes nervous. She is "like any other girl" she keeps telling herself. But she isn't. She has the cutest and outgoing laugh in the world. Just seeing her smile could brighten your day and hearing her voice is like listening to an angel. You can easily tell when shes happy because her eyes light up and the corners of her mouth move up and she try's not to laugh. She is the light that keeps the world shinning.
"Oh Caroline? Yeah, she's something else."
by XEclipse November 18, 2018
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Caroline is a girl who allow you to be comfortable around and allow you to be yourself. She will brighten your day by just looking at her directly in her eye. When she smiles your world glows and you feel amazing. When she laughs you feel like you are in world of happiness. Her beauty takes you away and puts you at a loss of words. Caroline has a personality like no other and is completely unselfish. If you are in a predicament, she will do her best to help you. Be thankful for people like her as she is a once in a long time woman. God Bless me as i have been gifted with a woman as great as her. Thank you!
Hey Mr. Iverson and Mr. Brewer, that's one heck of a Caroline we got here!
by A famathist from Amity August 13, 2018
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Caroline is truly one of the most beautiful girls in the world. She is kind, funny, and most of all smart. If you ever have an opportunity to meet a Caroline, you will wish to meet her again.
Caroline is the most wonderful girl.
by Carolineisthebæ February 28, 2015
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A Caroline is the most understanding person you’ll ever meet. She will listen to you and understand your problems. She is very nice and she does not exclude anyone. She will always be there for you. Caroline is probably the nicest girl you will ever know in your entire life time. Cherish Carolines. She is a special person and will be quirky at times but she also is very funny. She will make you smile when you’re sad and she is also very pretty. All the boys love her. She won’t pay much attention to boys though since she is a very strong girl. If you know a Caroline, you’re very lucky. She usually has a lot of friends but you want to become close with her. She will be the best person ever.
Rachel: I just told Caroline all my problems and she totally understood all of them!

Julia: Yep, that’s Caroline for you. She’s probably the best person I have ever become friends with.

Elise: I know, right? She’s definitely a keeper.
by ieatspheres October 21, 2018
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Caroline is a water bender who will kill you with a fucking water bottle so don’t piss her off. And she has the force from Obi Wan Kenobi because he’s dead.
by CPJohn February 23, 2019
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A girl who is amazing and funny and sweet and beautiful and cute and smart and amazing
by nicholas2739 April 1, 2015
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