The best food in the world without a doubt and you can hire harry bujko and lucy manifold to get you a 30 foot or however long i said table of olives at your funeral
by olivesaregreat July 11, 2008
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1.a food that is about the size of an eye ball, and depending on the kind it can either be green or black, and the best ones (green ones), hav a yummy orange thing in the middle.
2.the most yummiest tastiest delcious thingg in the olives to be exact
Lets all go to shoprite and get olives,woohoo!
by krishna February 26, 2005
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old/living imprisioned veterans eating sandwiches
OH my god john! look at that gang of olives over there!
by Hansley March 28, 2005
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another way to say you love someone without having to say love.
Olive Christine. I love Christine.

Olive you. I love you. You get the point.
by Katie Becker October 17, 2006
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the best person ever man, they are so nice and you should never make a olive sad because if you do i will hit you.

they like probably like olives and like hugs :>
"wow! they are so nice! whats their name?"

"thats olive!"
"man, i wish i could meet an olive."
by coolerkidaha June 4, 2021
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Olive is the most wonderful person ever. Olive is a girl with amazing hair, a lovely face and a clever brain. She has an amazing personality and if you ever meet someone who is brilliant enough to be an Olive, you should worship them
"oh my god that girl is so amazing she must be an Olive!"
by Lilly clark July 7, 2012
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A savage who does not give a fuck.

Sexy, loyal, smart, funny, BRILLIANT and a really good friend. Known tho have massive penises and tiny egos. Really easy and fun to talk to. A great kisser and a better fucker.
Holy crap it's an Oliver
If you're going out with an Oliver, never lose him <3
I wish I was an Oliver
by The Slow Sloth April 28, 2020
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