1) A hobby in which players create or are given fictional characters to portray. There is usually a rule-system of some form, of which D&D is an example. In a group of players one (or sometimes more) persons will volunteer to be a Games Master - s/he will control all non-player characters, the environment the players interact in and arbitrate the rules.

2) A bedroom practise, in which partners dress up and pretend to be someone else for sexual satisfaction.
"My role-playing character is a barabarian warrior from the tundra!"
"Let's role-play, I want you in that school girl uniform again."
by Robyn Saul January 21, 2004
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A term used to describe the act of jacking off

The reason being is because the hand is pretending to be a vagina (Or "Role-playing" the role of a vagina)

**This term was coined by Ismael**
Josh was caught Role-playing in his World of Warcraft costume

"OK Class, we're going to be Role-playing today!"

Aaron loves Role-playing to feet
by Isaac Hues May 9, 2008
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Participating in Role Play.

When used in non-BDSM terms, it usually refers to playing characters in chatrooms, or maybe Real Life, and pretending to be a made up character.

Often shortened to RP.
Bob is Role Playing with James. Bob's character is called Fred, and James' character is called Mary.
by sarah_briarmoss October 24, 2006
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For short,RP.When someone acts or pretends to be a certain character.Also to act out your imagination of a "different life".Role Players tend to act like Japanese animation characters.A good place to find Role Play Scenarios is on Facebook Pages and certain Facebook accounts.
Role Player 1: *hugs you*

Role Player 2: *Hugs you back with a smile*
by MediaKnower. April 1, 2012
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Role playing may refer to;
1) The act of dressing up as part of a sexual relationship.
2) Online games, eg World Of Warcraft, as in an MMORPG game, in which a person controls the actions of an on-screen character.
3) Using social networking sites, eg Bebo or MySpace to act out actions of a character either canon (from anime/manga/TV programmes/etc) or non-canon (original characters made up by the roleplayer).

Commonly associated with "geeks" and "nerds".
Commonly shortened to RP
1) Judy dressed up as a naughty school girl last night, it just got be so damn horny!
2) "My level 6 Orc pwned your measly elf!"
"It's only Role Playing dude...." o.O
3) ~The girl crept into the bar, her golden eyes flicking about at the people currently occupying the premises. She blinked, then grinned, straightening and throwing a giant water balloon at some randomers head, roflmfao-ing on the floor.~
by InsanePwnerBish February 10, 2009
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Acting a role that is not your usual way of life.
When Tyrone and Chris got together, they played master and slave. Tyrone kept Chris in chains, said nasty things to him, and in general abused him. Later, they had sex with Tyrone on top.
by Richard Black April 12, 2005
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When someone dresses up as a charcter of any kind while having sex
josh being a girl
by unkown November 17, 2002
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