The commissioned highest rank in most modern militaries.
George Smith Patton was a great general during World War II.
by Nicolaivich January 18, 2004
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The boss of the bosses in a street hustle such as drugs,gun runnin,
Scarface,John Gotti,Jimmy Hoffa,G.O.D. (from In Too Deep)
by Carrion October 15, 2003
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Somebody who's in charge. It should be the teacher but for some strange reason, hardly ever is.
Sabir *kissing teeth*: Ah man, Mr Carpenter came in to my English lesson once and tried to make me reconcile and said he's phoning my parents. That man tinks he's general.
by Whoremonger April 07, 2008
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a name used for a large penis, such as my own
i whipped out the general for my bitch

my general was saluting when i saw a fine shawty
by niki August 28, 2003
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Another name for a penis of extraordinary length and girth
The general, dubbed el ghhheneral (Spanish for the general) during the Cold War, was Americas secret weapon in case of a soviet nuclear attack. If it ever reaches its full potential of girth and length it is capable of world annihilation. This was a key factor in ensuring a victory and discouraging the more widespread adoption of communism. The general, or gran polla, is also credited with averting the Cuban missile crisis and the Russian flop in the miracle on ice game of 1980.

The general, with its numerous veins and capillaries, is able to pump 21,000 gallons of blood per second through its enlarged tissue. Far surpassing the average per gallon of water output that the beloved eyesore that is niagra falls manages
by Heinous gypsy February 24, 2015
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Worse than being basic, the knock off version of basic. Too be soo basic you can't even be basic anymore you become generic.
Ex 1: Remember basic becky, her sh*t is old that she has become generic.

Ex2: person 1: omg she is so BASIC! Person 2: oh please that would be a compliment to her, she is straight up Generic...
by gmoneyx3 March 03, 2015
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