Acting is the art, profession or occupation of performing in a stage play, movie, television or radio program. Acting is basically pretending to be someone other than yourself, known as a character or sometimes fictional character, and using your facial expressions, vocals, emotions and body language to bring the character to life, in front of a screen or audience. In acting you are suppose to act as if no one is around but you and the other actors (In a scene, there is no such thing as an audience, camera, producer, director, etc. None of them exist). When acknowledging the audience or the camera, this is known as "breaking the fourth wall", which is the imaginary wall that seperates the actors from the audience. This usually happens in comedy. For example, really the cameras and the front of the stage are, in a sense, "us" looking at the audience and if the actors acknowledge us and the that we're watching them, that's breaking out of character and acknowledging they're fictionality. Acting is a very interesting job and, just like everyone can't sing, everyone cannot act. Acting, just like singing, is destined for certain people. Thank God I can do both, lol
Acting is reacting and showing another side of yourself that maybe you didn't even know you had.
by Zeedavis October 24, 2018
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When your a friend and/or friends try to impress someone (most likely a girl) by not being him/herself
*Beautiful girl walks by*
Boy 1: Yoo you mad ugly
Boy 2: Why you acting?
by K Tha God October 14, 2013
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ACT is an acronym standing for Action Counters Terror. It is believed that it originated either with the military or the emergency services, where personnel are trained to overcome fear and inertia by taking action until this becomes an automatic response. ACT demonstrates that people are capable of really remarkable deeds and that obstacles and difficulties can be beaten when they are confronted. ACT shows that fears and self-doubt can be reduced or eliminated and that forward-looking action can overcome habit and inertia to produce something new and start the process of change.
by AKACroatalin February 20, 2016
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Short for Actavis, a brand name prescription cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine; See lean
by ThisIsMeFewl September 5, 2017
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An acronym standing for Action Conquers Terror. It is unclear whether this was originally a military acronym, where personnel are trained to overcome fear by action until this becomes automatic. It does, however, highlight that people are capable of far more than they realise, and that fears can be beaten when they are confronted. Action show fears and self-doubt as merely a question of attitude; forward-looking action overcomes habit and inertia to produce something new and is the simplest way to start the process of change.
Don't just sit there worrying about it, do something! ACT!
by Croatalin December 10, 2013
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Im high off this act it got me feeling lazy
by threadof December 23, 2017
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(1) (also ACT Assessment) A standardized test, administered mostly in the midwestern United States by the ACT organization. ACT stood for American College Testing until 1996 when, in a similar manner to the SAT, it shortened its name to ACT to "better reflect the broad range of services" they offer to high school students.

(2) An abbreviation for Australian Capital Territory, which contains Canberra, Australia's capital (NOT Sydney).
(1) I have taken the ACT 3 times.
(2) CANBERRA, ACT - In a landmark vote, Australia's Parliament voted to allow compressed soybean oil to be sold on the open market provided its packaging...
by Thor Rudebeck August 24, 2004
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