1. A gaming buddy who will often visit s friend's house, and play his friend's video games (with his friend)as the Player 2, or second player in 1 vs 1 matches. These may or my not (but often are), games said player 2 does not own and is often bad to mediocre at. A Player 2 can be characterized by being owned by his friend many times in any said game for the first few visits, but then gets to the point when he/she wins upwards of 40% of the time. These are often close friends, and don't stay sore about losing. However, their friend may cheat against them, or get them frustrated by causing their character (or whatever they play as in the game) to consistently epic fail through said Player 2. A good player 2 will eventually get good at said games, but will never NEVER ask for their friend to go easy on them unless they are not having fun.

2. More simply, the second player in a two or more player video game.
Player 2 :

I have no X Box, but I was playing Halo 3 at my friend's house a few times. He kept in sniping me and using invisibility and bullshit to kill me, but in the end I killed him like five times. I came over the next week, and after a while I got a three kill streak with the gravity hammer, and was harassing him using the hornet, hut he still won.

My other friend came over my house, and we played Star Wars Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron 3 on my blue cube. I shot him down like four times in one game, then in rampage mode my score was three times his. About a few years later, he manages to beat me in rampage sometimes, and can beat me in a dog fight if he cheats with lock on missiles, or if I bs and fly dramatically.
My gf and I play Wii together, so I started calling her my Player 2.
by jevanyn February 8, 2011
The guy who just watches a man go on a date with his babe and decides to move to Mars.
Man with girlfriend: Hi.
Player 2: Shit, time tuh go tuh Mars y'all.
by Mister Felly September 3, 2019
A gamer who plays titanfall 2. Be aware of these individuals they identify each other by calling one another "pilots". If a non pilot is in the vicinity, the titanfall 2 player will attempt to convince the person to try titanfall 2. If all else fails, this "pilot" will attempt to abduct and force the individual to play Titanfall 2
(Random person) Who's that over there?

(Random person 2) oh thats a Titanfall 2 player i'd steer clear if i were you
by Orsina May 21, 2021
A person who could not afford Halo, and then suffers.
Destiny 2 Player: Do you play Destiny 2?
Normal human being: No. *chad meme*
by realkeizer February 15, 2022
A discord server that is an obvious copy of 2 Player Studios, where they upload roblox sex games. Most condo servers target teenagers or adults but this server targets no one since their games are so awful they only last because roblox moderators couldn't mentally stand reviewing it. Their slogan says "Making Condos Better For Everyone" but the only thing they are making better for everyone is the gym because im doubtful the retards over at 2 Player Hub will ever go to a gym therefore there is space for anyone that wants to join. Might i add that the owner of the server said he will "crush" 2ps and be the best when he later on quit 1 week after his statement. The server is full of lewis4800 dickriders AKA banned 2ps members.
Me: oh you play condos?
Banned 2ps member: yeah i like playing 2 Player Hub its just soooo much better than 2 Player Studios and i am totally not saying that because i sent 15 images of chained up naked furries in general chat and said i got "auto modded"
by dem0n0100 December 20, 2022