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Participating in Role Play.

When used in non-BDSM terms, it usually refers to playing characters in chatrooms, or maybe Real Life, and pretending to be a made up character.

Often shortened to RP.
Bob is Role Playing with James. Bob's character is called Fred, and James' character is called Mary.
by sarah_briarmoss October 23, 2006

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"White trash".
#FFFFFF is the hexidecimal HTML color code.

(Yes, I _should_ put a U in color, but I don't. Because otherwise it screws up my HTML)
Mc Router: you #FFFFFF trash!
Random person: WTF?
Nerd: Hah! I get it!
by sarah_briarmoss October 25, 2006

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A Script Kiddie, a wanna-be hacker that steals/alters programs and viruses to attack computers, not caring how they work or what they do.
He was a s'kiddie, using someone else's programs to try to hack the government
by Sarah_briarmoss April 25, 2006

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To search random words on Urban Dictionary untill you find one that isn't defined, then define it.
Dude 1: Hey, you urba-trawl ed lately?
sarah_briarmoss: Of course! What else is there to do at school?
by sarah_briarmoss October 23, 2006

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To search random words/phrases on Google, Google Images, Urban Dictionary, or other search engines, due to extreme boredom.
sarah_briarmoss: Hey Bob, have you been google cruising lately?

Bob: Yup, what else is there to do at school?

Google Cruise is a fun thing to do!
by sarah_briarmoss October 18, 2006

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Someone who uses leetspeak so much they forget how to spell words like "the" and "and", and forget to use their real name, writing their online name instead
sarah_briarmoss: Hey how do you spell "the"?
Other person: You are such a leetfreak!

sarah_briarmoss: *writes* sarah... underscore... briar... moss..... hey wait *scribbles out* *writes Real Name instead*
by sarah_briarmoss October 25, 2006

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Stealing a piece of code or software from another website and then using it as if you made it.
a:That page is cool, did you make it?
b:No, I skiddied it from -webpage-
by sarah_briarmoss July 19, 2006

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