Player 1 is the name that the player's controller slot which is plugged into the first controller slot is given. Player 1 usually has choice and priority over the other players, and is usually given to the person who owns the game. Even I always try to be player 1. If not, then I go for player 2, then three, then four. Not many games exceed more than four players, but I'll always go for the one closest to port 1.
by djskribblez2 January 16, 2011
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The name given to the player who's controller is plugged into the first slot on a video game system. This title is usually only given out during a multiplayer game. Such a title is almost always argued/fought over, as it holds an unspoken degree of authority with it. Player 1 is usually chosen by allowing the best player or owner of the system to take this position.
"Hey, give me the 1st controller!"
"No! It's my system"
"But you suck at this game"
"Why does it matter?"
".... it just does"
by Acapoeco January 8, 2005
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when ur bitch of an older sibling takes player one and ur left w the GOD AWFUL player two wii remote and ur sibling gets to be mario and ur stuck w toad
oh my god i can’t believe that sneaky hoe is player 1 again.
by quee(f)n April 22, 2020
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One person habitually dominating another, much like Player 1 in a multiplayer game. Usually stems from too much time in a socially-stressful environment.

Can only be treated by a punch in the face from a close friend.
Guy: *grabs the remote* we're watching this now!

Girl: ugh your Player 1-syndrome is resurfacing again!
by BadWolfFile July 28, 2010
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First player of a game usually the most important player
Bro kev is player 1 and in 2 how is that possible
by Coolbruv June 23, 2022
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