I am recalibrating my life for YOU
because i loved you then and i love you now
please tell me if im terribly wrong because i don't want to waste my time
I am almost 42
I want to build my good place
not my dream palace
by Krkič February 27, 2021
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A mother-forking crazy place you might end up after you die.
Do not be fooled by its name though, because Holy-mother-forking-shirtballs It's really The Bad Place
E:Why can't I say Fork?
C:If you're trying to curse you can't do that here. This is The Good Place.
E:Well that's Bullshirt.
by HtbpFilms September 29, 2017
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Best. Show. Ever.
Elenor Shullstraup (Kristen Bell) died in a parking lot trying to buy some margarita mix for one. She is now in the good place, no not heaven, the good place. The creator of this "neighborhood" is Michael. Chidi, a ethical proffesor is Elenor's "soulmate" But this all ends. Elenor is a really really bad person. Rude, unreliable, cheap Elenor confesses and wants help. She gets it from Chidi. Throughout the episodes there is hillarious scenes, heartwarming scenes and plenty more. Plus it's fake, she was in the bad place. FIND OUT MORE! It is not cheesy! Go forking watch it! By the way: YOU CAN'T CURSE!!!!
Boom. Go watch it mother forking shirt balls. It is good.
(Women1) You should watch The Good Place! It's so funny!
(Women2) I'll try it!

----Twenty Four hours later-----
(Women2) There are no more episodes?!? NOOOOOO
by Scout Vader November 4, 2017
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now it's nice and cozy
got the mellow tune and
the steaming coffee
and the good talking
and the rivery flowing
I'll help you find the good place and
You'll help me find it too
by Krkič November 13, 2019
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A term misused and misunderstood by ignorant people, where they pretend to be experts in knowing its usage even when they’re not.
Rizza Borrico is pretending to know what “A Good Place” means, so she will do her utmost best to scrape Google’s search results so she will find a meaning that fits her agenda. And she will also ignore Cambridge dictionary’s definition.
by Blogg.Pilipinas April 21, 2022
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A friendly euphemism for someone who's extremely high on pills, but wont admit it directly out of social etiquette.

Usually used by hipsters in social situations where bogan phrases such as "i was chewing my fucking face off" are considered vulgar and inappropriate
Elliot: "so, how was last night?"

Simon: "i'm not sure, but i was in a good place my man, a really good place."
by Jack_C February 3, 2010
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