A term used to describe the act of jacking off

The reason being is because the hand is pretending to be a vagina (Or "Role-playing" the role of a vagina)

**This term was coined by Ismael**
Josh was caught Role-playing in his World of Warcraft costume

"OK Class, we're going to be Role-playing today!"

Aaron loves Role-playing to feet
by Isaac Hues May 09, 2008
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Something nerds do on a regular basis. They pretend to be different characters and do battles/yiff or something like that.
It's easy to understand why nerds and other losers of the like spend most of their time role playing, pretending to be magical elves and shit on the internet; their pretending to be someone their not. Lol...
by idonthavaname July 27, 2007
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Names masturbaters name their hand
1.Gripney Spears
2.Christina Jackalera
3.Cumin Elektra
4.The Pullsome Twins
5.Palmala Anderson
6.Courtney Cocks
7.Jenutfer Lopez
8.Janet Jerkson
9.Brianna Bangs
10.Jerksica Simpson
Ahh... cumin...ahh. elektra yeah!!!!!
by Bill Clinton February 16, 2005
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This is something nerds do, which usually involves a meticulously complicated,fantasy board game that has cards, figures, rule/quest book thicker than the bible and a load of other wierd things too. I dont quite know the exact goal of these games (there doesent seem to be one), but all the players seem to do is quests and leveling up. Nerds especially love to let you know that they are a level 200 sword master (or whatever the fuck), and this seems to make them think that they are superior to everyone else. Maybe it compensates for the fact that they cant talk to beautiful women without:

1) Turning bright red.
2) Stuttering and saying something stupid.
3) Getting a hard on and being called a pervert.
Nerd: Hey im a level 200 sword master on dungeons and dragons, you are inferior to me you scum.

Me: Good for you. Here let me introduce you to my girlfriend.

Nerd: er er er er er er er...... DO YOU LIKE ROLE PLAYING??? its wicked awesome. Im a level 200 sword master.

My girlfriend: Youve got a fucking boner, get away from me you pervert.
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A group of virgins who’re too scared to show their real faces so they base their whole online life on other people
Kate: Hey i heard you like roleplaying what is that?
Hope: I like to pretend to be other people online
by RipRip000 March 26, 2018
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