A word that means to be kind or be polite to most people. Sadly, this word doesn't get noticed. A very rare occurance of today.
Bobby respected everyone and anywhere. No one cared or noticed his politeness
by Robloxtiddes March 21, 2017
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People respecting others
People must respect trump I am not a big fan of him but he is now going to be our president so yeah...
by lovinglife1o1 November 21, 2016
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The admiration of another man who displays qualities above the average man

Respect should not be given to a fuckin bitch teacher who has nothing but the fear of pussy high school kids to stop lying about respecting the bitch and actually tell her the value of her life i.e 0$

Unlike the man a couple definitions above people don't respect you they understand you and also gangsters have more balls then u and should be respected even if they r violent because they come from nothing and are something while u came from average and are average

Respect should be given to tony montana because you mother fuckers don't go into violence not because of morals but because you have no balls and you pussys would have killed the child in fear of your own lives
Wow you are a teacher Mohammed akmid sassan bouillabaisse ouja booka I must have great respect for because just look what you've done with your life got married had a child oh wait that's like 99% of the population so I do not respect you I understand you
by Vvfgbb design July 26, 2015
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