Acknowledgent and appreciation of anothers abilities
hey dude you better respect my mother else i will tear you a new one
by shritis August 30, 2006
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Something your parents tell you has to be earned, not demanded. Then they turn right around and demand it.
"You can't just demand respect. You have to earn it."
"I disagree. I think everybody should be respected."
"How dare you disagree! You'd better respect me or else!"
by NunyaBeeswaxReally June 11, 2018
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Is a quality that is highly lacking into todays society & something everyone expects, but has no willingness to show.
Person 1; "Bitch, I want fucking respect."
Person 2; "It goes both ways."
Person 1; "Not in my book!"
by !! Ghett0xxBlaster !! May 12, 2009
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something that no one has for one another nowadays.
person 1: you're a fag!
person 2: no you're a fag!
person 3: Stop it! don't you people have any respect for one another?
person 1 & 2: ... (to person 3) you're a fag.
by gunslingergervy_c_e July 25, 2006
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When your teacher told you to learn the meaning of it, I don't think this is what he meant.
Teacher: Johnny, it's time that you learned the meaning of respect!
Little Johnny: *goes to urbandictionary.*
by BriannaBlasphemy March 24, 2009
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Something you'll never get from people if you're an asshole.
1) If you don't respect me, I won't respect you.
by anonymous smartass September 25, 2015
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To respect means to appreciate the way things are and to treat things how you would want to be treated.
The way the urban dictionary puts words like Muslim, islam , Christianity, Missionaries or words associated with one’s religion or race, is disgraceful, disgusting and inhumane as well as disrespectful to others who belong to that group or party.
by Outreach333 January 28, 2018
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