A sex act in which the man goes “balls deep” in a woman’s anus until his entire dick has disappeared. Extra points for a dunk on the first try.
Clayton: Dude I was basketballing Stacy last night.

Karsten: She lets anyone basketball her bro, she a ho.
by KarstensMomIsStacy November 05, 2019
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The best game ever invented. Black and whites excel at thy sport. Blacks dunk, whites shoot. End of story.
Hey, MJ, u wanna go play some basketball, wit me, Larry, and Shaq?
by Jakrel April 19, 2005
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Number one ticket out of the ghetto and progect's along with rap and selling crack rock
Boy: Im failing math.
Man: Play basketball and rap.
by makdogjoe May 31, 2005
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1. A team sport in which a maximum of five players may engage at one time in an attempt to outscore another team of five players. This usage is most common among African-Americans.

2. Smoking marijuana. This usage is most common among Caucasian Jews.
1. "Yo Garnett. Should we play those guys at basketball?" "You mean the Toronto Raptors? Fuck that, Rasheed. Those crackers ain't worth our time."
2. "Are they going to play basketball?" "Yeah, Yaakov. That's Dardick 3."
by Jarvis Yates1 March 19, 2010
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The best sport in the universe. It's fast paced, needs skill, can be played alone or with others, and there's a big potential to improve.
Basketball rules - it's an awesome sport that everyone should play.
by Adel7 January 13, 2008
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