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A General in the US Army Born on November 11th, 1885. He was a famous General of WWII who kicked a lot of german ass and made the Germans fear him. He liked to use tanks and drive like a mad dog through the enemy. He was one of our best General's of WWII. He died on December 21st, 1945 after a car crash. One of the Army's best general's and is the father of the US tank force. He is also famous for being the kind of guy who you would think eats nails for breakfest.
SS solider #1- Here come some american tanks. Lets shoot!
SS solider #2- Are you crazy?? those are tanks form George Patton 3rd Army!!
SS solider #1- ohh crap!! retreat!!!!
(the two soliders run away)
Tanker inside the tank they spotted- Hey look! Some Germans! FIRE!!!
by GeneralSJC December 27, 2006
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