The catchphrase used by vsauce Michael at the beginning of every video, followed by the iconic music.
Michael: The effect is really fun, but it's unrealistic. Or is it?
The video: *you know the music*
by nocringeman March 9, 2021
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Used to come back to anything someone says. Typically used when someone makes a statement to look hard or tough or like they actually know what the fuck they are talking about. You quickly act as the lawyer spreading doubt and say Or is it? Or does it? Or do they? et cetera!
Billy Bob "It's time to start working"
Smart person "Or is it?"

Billy Bob "This egg roll really hits the spot"
Smart person "Or does it?"

Billy Bob "stAve takes out the trash..."
Smart person "Or does he?"
by OrIsIt August 14, 2011
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Something Harry Styles says at his concerts. It is almost always said after “this is a family show!”
Harry:*picks up fluffy pink handcuffs that were thrown on stage* *shouts* “this is a family show!” *turns around* *turns back* “OORRR IIISSSS IIITTTT!?”

Harry styles: Or is it!
by Idekatthispoint March 25, 2019
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