When you’re tryna fuck the noodles out of someone’s apple strudel.
“I’m tryna respect you boy, get your plump ass over here!”
“You’re bouta get respected!”
by AyeJae November 29, 2018
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n. An erection formed out of an immense respect for someone or something.
"I got a massive respection watching this Led Zeppelin DVD"
by Jeremy Blacker October 11, 2005
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It's when a man respects another man so much, that he gets an erection.
I saw a man make an amazing jump on a BMX, and it simply gave me a respection.
by danrobbo93 August 19, 2012
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Expecting a level of respect from any friend or colleague, especially when the same level of respect is expected from you.
I wish he had the respectation to tell me he didn't finish cleaning the day we had to move out.
by AmD88 February 09, 2012
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It is a word that is used to make the second list correspond to the first list made in a sentence.

You will know by looking at this example:

"Let's buy a CPU, a memory chip, and a motherboard because on the magazine, the reduced prices are 35, 45, and 60 dollars respectively."

You can see that by putting the word Respectively, the reader now knows that the CPU costs 35 dollars since the two are both introduced in the first slot of the list.
I have three fruits: A banana, a bundle of grapes, and some oranges, and respectively, they are yellow, purple and orange.
by lasjdlksahj April 11, 2014
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To treat people in the manner in which you expect to be treated. To show consideration for another person's feelings and interests. An attitude demonstrating that you value another person. You should treat your friends with respect.
That guy showed a total lack of respect when he cancelled our Friday night plans at the last minute!
by Dissed August 19, 2006
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