An exclamation used to indicate your admiration/respect for someone.
"I was banging dumb bitches last night." _ Person 1
"Respect." - Person 2
by Bagelhead November 06, 2003
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Respect is always given. To give respect is to treat someone the way you want to be treated, you should never do something kind in expectance that you will get something in return, you do it because it is the right thing to do. The only way to lose respect is to go against the word of God.
“Show respect for all people. Love your brothers and sisters in God’s family. Respect God, and honor the king.”

1 Peter 2:17 ERV
by Jesus follower March 01, 2018
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There are many words that are similar to respect. To inspect is to look into. A spectacle is what you look at. Spectacles are what you look through. A spectator looks at things. In all these other words they mean look. Re is to do again , or again and again until completed like as in remake, rebuild or remodel. To take a fresh look at something is to look at it anew. respect means non-judgement. No-one can earn non-judgement, it is something we offer freely. respect should be free. take a fresh look at others in everything you do. You will feel better for setting them free of your judgement, that is what respect is.
Respect your elders. Don't judge them for their mistakes. Take a fresh look at them instead.
by Spear Gun April 30, 2018
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Something that remains after you lose all your money in poker.
Respect is all you have left in the morning.
by Teddy KGB May 01, 2004
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Respect is earned and given the same way received.
Actions reflect actions of leadership. Got to give respect in order to receive it.
by La mousie December 20, 2016
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1) Actions taken in response to fear or low self esteem.

Respect is used in situations where a person wants others (or sometimes themself) to believe they have a high opinion of someone.

People respect their loved ones as people they have strong feelings for could use their feelings to hurt them. People respect those with authority over them as they are afraid of that authority being used against them.

To respect is one way of defining the feelings and behaviour caused by the pecking order in society: People respect their betters as they dont want to admit their own failings or are afraid that if they express their dislike for those better than them it would be seen as a challenge.

2) An attempt to gain the favor of others by showing empathy or understanding of other peoples views and feelings - commonly used in arguments to portray a superior knowledge of the issue in question.
1) I respect my girl (cos I'm scared she'll leave me)

I respect myself (It's better than saying I hate myself)

Give me some respect (Fear what I can do to you)

2) I respect your opinion (But mines still right)
by Yaoigirlproxy January 22, 2005
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The ability to fit seven or more dicks in your mouth at one time.
That guy just fit seven dicks in his mouth! Respect!
by Respect Guy November 09, 2010
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