Really into a girl or guy.. physical attraction or someone or something u really like
Hey John , do u think that girls got?

Oh yeah, she’s hot .I’m a big fan
by Bigslim1319 February 7, 2018
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meaning that you dont much like or dislike something
homosexuality.... not a big fan of the ladies are ya
disgust.......... Im not a big fan of their incompetence
racisim.......... Im not a big fan of you poeple
by May 12, 2008
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Male who is light on the loafers, quiche eater, friend of Dorothy
Richard Simmons is a big fan of quiche.
by dgz March 21, 2010
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A amazing yt with a few subscribers she has many channels
Omg I'm a fan of Jojo siwa big fan harrison!
by Joeimichelle August 3, 2022
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Quite possibly the best name for a ceiling fan company, especially given how massive their fans are and how much air they move. But for real, their fans are actually great despite the name.
I need one of those huge big ass fans in my living room, bedroom, gameroom, kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere where you can put a fan!
by PrayToLose May 1, 2021
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