Really into a girl or guy.. physical attraction or someone or something u really like
Hey John , do u think that girls got?

Oh yeah, she’s hot .I’m a big fan
by Bigslim1319 February 7, 2018
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meaning that you dont much like or dislike something
homosexuality.... not a big fan of the ladies are ya
disgust.......... Im not a big fan of their incompetence
racisim.......... Im not a big fan of you poeple
by May 12, 2008
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Male who is light on the loafers, quiche eater, friend of Dorothy
Richard Simmons is a big fan of quiche.
by dgz March 21, 2010
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I’m a big fan of you. — The most horrifying moment a luminary in any field can experience is the moment when a person suddenly invades their personal space while uttering the words: I’m a big fan of you.

Before even introducing themselves.

And there are several horrifying variants:
“I’m your biggest fan.”
“Do you want to meet my friends? They are big fans of you!”
“Do you want to meet my sister? She shy and thinks that you’re sexy; AND, SHE’S A BIG FAN OF YOU!!!!”

Even a luminary with incredible elan has difficulty with the savior faire of this moment. Especially if the sister is really attractive and the brother looks menacing AF!!!!

Moments like this have been immortalized by the writer Stephen King in the novel Misery. He took this moment to its most horrific extreme.

Comedian Louis C.K. also famed a moment like this in season 1 episode 5 of his FX television show. This may be hard to see because apparently he had some habits of which people were not a “big fan”.

This behavior has been made worse in the era of selfies when everyone has a camera on them at all times. Narcissistic, voyuer-istic culture has made the ability to move incognito a must.

Imagine being Taylor Swift and having this to you. I don’t have to imagine it because I have a picture to prove it actually happens. I’m a big fan of her!!!!!!!
Can I take a selfie with you? I think you’re HOT; and, I’m a big fan of you.
by Mind Hunter the Profiler June 4, 2023
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A amazing yt with a few subscribers she has many channels
Omg I'm a fan of Jojo siwa big fan harrison!
by Joeimichelle August 3, 2022
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Quite possibly the best name for a ceiling fan company, especially given how massive their fans are and how much air they move. But for real, their fans are actually great despite the name.
I need one of those huge big ass fans in my living room, bedroom, gameroom, kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere where you can put a fan!
by PrayToLose May 1, 2021
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