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Resort to using , an old way of acting, or habit, to deal with a person or situation. Can be negative or positive.
One of his default settings is lying, because he's afraid of the truth.

When life gets overwhelming, her default setting is blaming others and being a victim.

It's hard to delete the default setting, of alcoholism.

I used to worry a lot, but I changed my default setting, to "let it go" and now, things always seem to work out.

My default setting has always been, to look on the bright side.

It would be great if humanity's default setting was love.
by WordyJoon August 28, 2017
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When someone acts mean, bitchy or out of control. Has no control of themselves, no forethought. Inconsiderate person.
Maxwell Smart: to Agent 99 Is that your default setting or something? Oh, today's Tuesday, I'll punch Max. Oh look, a box of kittens, I think I'll punch Max. I have this piece of bread so now I'm going to punch Max.

"You know she was going to act like that, it's her 'default setting!'
by Dah_09 January 27, 2009
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